Oct 222013
The Matrix In Real Life Prank At Macy’s

As a part of their continuing Movies In Real Life series, Improv Everywhere sent Neo shopping at Macy’s. You know, for one of those cool “man dresses” Keanu Reeves is always wearing in The Matrix movies. 

But while shopping, a seemingly endless stream of agents attacked, and a slow-motion style Matrix battle ensued.

Even the employees couldn’t help but smile at the obvious movie reference.  


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Oct 182013
The Human Behind ‘Humans Of New York’

Brandon Stanton is the famous New York City photographer behind the popular Humans Of New York blog, which has over over 1.5 million Facebook likes.

The constantly updated site features New Yorkers who Brandon feels exude a special spark that truly represents the Big Apple.  

Mashable had the lucky opportunity to follow Brandon around while he walked the streets looking for candidates for his blog, and featured the artist in this trending video.


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Oct 142013
Selling Banksy Art On The Streets On New York

Remember the now classic viral video of world renown violinist Joshua Bell performing in a subway station? Most commuters didn’t even notice him, even though he is a concert famous musician.

There’s just something about seeing an artist out of context that somehow lessens the art in our eyes.

So too in this video showcasing world famous political commentator and artist Banksy

He set up shop of his art work for sale on the streets of New York like so many artists do, and barely anyone gave him a second glance. 

Without the original context, his paintings don’t seem to have the same emotional power. 

But perhaps this video in and of itself is a critique of how we view art.

Either way, the web is enthralled by the video, as it has been trending over the weekend, and now stands with over a quarter million views.


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Oct 082013
Indiana Jones In Real Life

Without a doubt, the most famous Indiana Jones scene is from Raiders Of The Lost Ark when Indy switches the idol for a bag of sand of equal weight, and a giant boulder comes rolling down to crush him. 

After recreating Rocky In Real Life, popular NYC based improv group Improv Everywhere decided to take on Indy and recreate the famous boulder scene at Central Park.

It didn’t take New Yorkers more than a second of seeing a guy in a brown leather jacket and hat running from a ‘boulder’ to pick up on the reference and smile.  


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Oct 072013
Witch Uses Telekinetic Powers At Coffee Shop Prank

In this day and age, viewers are no longer interested in a simple movie trailer or commercial. 

So to promote the new Carrie horror movie remake with proper viral Internet flair, the studio marketers commissioned this horror prank video at a New York City coffee shop. 

With nearly the entire shop previously setup, unknown coffee patrons were horrified to see an irate woman apparently use telekinetic powers in a fit of fury after someone spilled coffee on her laptop. 


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