Sep 252013
Random New Yorkers Conduct Orchestra In Manhattan Square Social Experiment

For their latest social experiment, the popular pranksters and improv artists at Improv Everywhere set up a classical Carnegie Hall orchestra in the middle of a crowded Manhattan square. 

New Yorkers were prompted at the podium with a sign reading, “conduct us,” to literally take the reigns of the orchestra. 

Smiles were had by all.


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Sep 232013
Lamborghini Aventador Crash In Brooklyn

Lamborghini Aventador is a shocking super-car to see on the road, even in the lavish community of Mill Basin, Brooklyn

One unlucky Aventador driver was hit by a left turning car as it was speeding down the road, causing the quarter-million dollar car to crash and split in half. 

The insurance company is not going to be happy. 


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Sep 232013
iPhone 5S Lines In New York City

Popular New York City journalist and YouTuber Casey Neistat and his friend Gabriel Nussbaum waited in lines for the new iPhone 5S, and documented their experience.

Though Casey admits it was fun, “like tailgating,” he admits all the hysteria and excitement was really unwarranted. That’s why he named this viral video The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines 

And it seems the web agrees as in just two days the video has already amassed over 450,000 views

“All this for a damn phone??” asked YouTuber Amaka38.


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Sep 192013
Don Ward, New York Shoe Shiner Extraordinaire

Sana Beg met a very special man named Don Ward who has a very unique office. He has no cubicle and, actually, his office has no walls at all.

Instead, he sets up shop on the corner of 6th Ave & W 47th St in Manhattan everyday shining shoes. But he doesn’t just sell a service, he sells a shoe shining experience


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Sep 122013
Citi Bike BMX

The Citi Bike program in New York City made a lot of buzz when it debuted earlier this year, but the program has since fallen to the sidelines.

One issue is that riders complain that the bikes are heavy, slow, and clumsy. 

Animal New York wanted to crush that idea, so they collaborated with street BMX king Tyrone Williams to push the Citi Bike its limits. Naturally, viewers are shocked to see BMX-style tricks and maneuvers pulled off on one of the shared bicycles for rent. 


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