Jan 092014
Smooth Ventriloquist Picks Up Girls On The Subway

Everyone knows that girls can’t resist a guy with sense of humor.

Knowing this, Model Pranksters sent Nigel ‘Docta Gel’ Dunkley on the New York City subway to woo some girls with his hilarious ventriloquist act

It’s no surprise that he got a couple of numbers. 


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Jan 012014
New Year’s Kissing Card Trick At Times Square

Online prankster and magician Stuart Edge hit up New York City’s Times Square for his New Year’s Kissing Card Trick.

After enlisting a few girls to participate, he somehow tells a romantic New Year’s story with a shuffled deck of cards which results in him getting a New Year’s kiss. 


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Dec 212013
Instant Karma For Giving To The Homeless

JEROME JARRE wanted to repay those with a kind heart, so he dressed a little run down and sat on the streets of New York City with his hand held out. 

When a charitable person rarely did give him some money, he jumped up and revealed he wasn’t homeless at at!

To reward them for their kindness, he gave them a bouquet of flower and a $100 bill.


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Dec 212013
Peanuts Christmas Dance In New York City

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas is a favorite family tradition during the holidays for many. 

That inspired Mashable to recreate the most iconic scene in the movie when the Peanuts crew dance their hearts out on the streets of New York City. 

Will New Yorkers recognize the dance in real life?


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Dec 172013
Much More Honest New York City Tourism Commercial

New York City might be the most glamorized, oversold city in the world. In every movie based in New York, the camera pans over the skyline, and depicts snippets of what makes the city so great. Celebrities walk with the people, there’s amazing pizza everywhere, award winning shows are on stage every night. The city never sleeps. 

But once you land, and make your way downtown, you find a much different place. Is this really the great and grand New York City? There’s trash everywhere, rude pedestrians, crazy taxi drivers, outrageous prices…. Where’s all the awesome stuff I’ve seen on TV and in the movies?

Comedy group Sure Sure Sure. wanted to finally clear the air, so they made this much more honest New York City tourism commercial to educate out of towners.


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