Nov 232013
Bush Man Prank In Central Park, New York City

Prankster Ed Bassmaster donned on his camouflage ‘bushman’ costume covered in leaves, and pranked passerby at Central Park in New York City. 

His costume blends so well into the autumn landscape, few walkers notice him until it’s too late, and they’ve already jumped from fright.


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Nov 212013
Walking A Pet Dinosaur In Central Park

For Whatever‘s latest gimmick, they teamed up KHA Entertainment who is responsible for those realistic looking dinosaur suits that are so popular in so many online prank videos

Instead of scaring people, Whatever simply took their pet dino on a walk in Central Park for all to enjoy. 


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Nov 132013
When Harry Met Sally Deli Scene In Real Life

NSFW screaming 

Even those who haven’t seen the 1989 rom-com When Harry Met Sally are familiar with the famous fake-climax scene at Katz’s Deli

The deli even has a sign pointing out the very booth the scene was filmed at. 

As apart of their popular Movies In Real Life series, Improv Everywhere enlisted a couple to recreate the scene, word for word, and then had a slew of women diners take part in the outrageously fake screaming at the end. 

Naturally, employees and other diners were simply shocked, but quickly picked up on the obvious reference. 

Yes, everyone wants what she’s having. 


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Nov 122013
NYC Marathon VS YouTube Music Awards

As an avid runner and proud New Yorker, journalist and prominent YouTuber Casey Neistat never misses the New York City Marathon. 

But this year the race fell on the very same day as the first ever YouTube Music Awards.

Casey had tickets to both, and really didn’t want to miss either.

He was up at 5:30 AM to get to the starting line, and hoped he would finish the 26 mile race in time to get back home, change, rest, and make his way to the red carpet.

Will he make it


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Nov 022013
Empire State Building Halloween Light Show 2013

Step aside homeowners, because there was a new light show display this spooky holiday to trump all others. 

For the first time, the world famous Empire State Building in Manhattan teamed up with NYC radio stations Z100 and 103.5 KTU to present an epic Halloween light show.

Residents could tune into the radio to listen to the synchronized music choreographed by lighting designer Marc Brickman. 

Official Empire State Building video:


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