Aug 162013

In the land of the skyscrapers, there are a lot of windows. And someone has to clean them up.

One of New Yorks dedicated window cleaners is Brent Weingard who has been washing and cleaning windows for 35 years. Besides for falling himself, his biggest fear is dropping one of his tools and hurting someone on the street. 

Even though Brent is passionate that he and his cohorts are window ‘cleaners’–not ‘washers’–The New York Times covered Brent in this piece, titled What It’s Like to Be a Window Washer in New York City.


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Aug 132013

Most people pay no attention to the street musicians in the Big Apple. The musical hipsters at CDZA wanted to change that, so they set up a fun way in the West Village to thank those who do notice and appreciate the art of the street performers. 

A piano man was set up outside of Fedora restaurant asking passersby what song they wanted him to play. But when a music lover finally stopped and made a request, he instead surprised them with a two-minute pampering session to help them have the most relaxing morning ever.


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Aug 032013

Everyone who takes the subway in any number of metro areas is familiar with the old panhandler’s speech. It’s as if they all get the same script. 

So as a hilarious prank, one College Humor Staffer shocked a subway car in New York City. After introducing himself with the usual, “Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen,” he shocked commuters by showing off his recent good fortunes instead of begging for change or selling candy. 


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Jul 252013

The once magical and amazing car GPS has become as nearly ubiquitous as the automatic transmission. Knowing this, College Humor set up a genius prank. 

In a special taxi cab in New York City, they installed a mic, camera, and fake GPS device that was voiced by CH comedians following the cab. Passengers were shocked to hear the ‘GPS’ apparently make a mistake when giving directions, comment on their clothes, and more.


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Jul 242013

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with his buddies Joanna and Christian to prank New Yorkers on the MTA subway.

New Yorkers are famous for grabbing a few Z’s on their subway commute, so as a fun prank, the trio purposefully ‘fell asleep’ on fellow travelers to provoke a reaction. And boy did they get some. 


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