Sep 192013
Don Ward, New York Shoe Shiner Extraordinaire

Sana Beg met a very special man named Don Ward who has a very unique office. He has no cubicle and, actually, his office has no walls at all.

Instead, he sets up shop on the corner of 6th Ave & W 47th St in Manhattan everyday shining shoes. But he doesn’t just sell a service, he sells a shoe shining experience


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Sep 122013
Citi Bike BMX

The Citi Bike program in New York City made a lot of buzz when it debuted earlier this year, but the program has since fallen to the sidelines.

One issue is that riders complain that the bikes are heavy, slow, and clumsy. 

Animal New York wanted to crush that idea, so they collaborated with street BMX king Tyrone Williams to push the Citi Bike its limits. Naturally, viewers are shocked to see BMX-style tricks and maneuvers pulled off on one of the shared bicycles for rent. 


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Sep 102013
Make The Homeless Smile In New York City

Popular YouTubers Sheikh Akbar and Adam Saleh of TrueStoryASA decided to change things up with their latest video.

Instead of making a fun, entertaining prank video, the two devout Muslims decided to bring some cheer to the streets of New York and make the homeless smile

Armed with fresh fruit, spare change, and extra clothing, they traversed the rougher parts of the Big Apple, giving a helpful hand to those who truly need it. 

Their video is making a great impact online as well. In less than two weeks, their inspirational video has garnered over 950,000 views, and continues to trend online. The clip is further reviewed on HuffPost and TheFW


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Aug 282013

Popular New York City based improv group ImprovEverywhere has again held a Black Tie Beach party for 2013.

As in the past, the improv crew accrued a group of volunteers to dress up in white gowns and tuxedos and take to the beach as if they were dressed in speedos and shorts. 

In just one day, the new video has collected over 625,000 views.


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Aug 162013

In the land of the skyscrapers, there are a lot of windows. And someone has to clean them up.

One of New Yorks dedicated window cleaners is Brent Weingard who has been washing and cleaning windows for 35 years. Besides for falling himself, his biggest fear is dropping one of his tools and hurting someone on the street. 

Even though Brent is passionate that he and his cohorts are window ‘cleaners’–not ‘washers’–The New York Times covered Brent in this piece, titled What It’s Like to Be a Window Washer in New York City.


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