Dec 092014
SNL Recreates An Awkward St. Louis Morning News Show After Ferguson Protests

The country is still in a tense state after the protests and riots that occurred after a grand jury failed to indict a police officer for shooting Michael Brown. Saturday Night Live tried to lighten the mood by recreating a peppy, upbeat St. Louis morning show after the angry protests. Things get awkward really fast.

For one reason or another, the clip never aired on TV, which has made viewers even more interested in the sketch. The video already has over two million hits, and has turned out to be SNL’s most popular clip from last weekend’s show. 


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Dec 032014
Inside Guantanamo Bay’s Kitchen Is Eye Opening

Most Americans have Guantanamo Bay burnout. After hearing about the controversial prison for suspected terrorists for over a decade, Americans no longer want to hear about it. More recently, the detention center has been in the news after many prisoners started a hunger strike to protest their detention, and it came to light that they were being force fed via a feeding tube. 

The foodies at Munchies gained unique access to the detention camps to see what prisoners are eating when they are not partaking in the hunger strike. Strangely enough, they met a bubbly and positive Korean woman named Sam who is the head of the kitchen. 


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Dec 022014
Inspiring 77 Year Old Grandma Can Lift More Than You

Most people slow down once they hit retirement around their 60′s. But Willie Murphy is still going strong at the age of 77! The tender granny is also bad to the bone as she can lift more than most young people. She started weight training in her 50′s, and is now a competitive power lifter. She can dead lift over 200 pounds, reports USA Today.


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Nov 292014
Man Uses Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass To Feed The Homeless

Olive Garden was trending a few weeks ago when they introduced their Never Ending Pasta Pass. For just $100, a person could have access to unlimited pasta, salad, and drinks for seven weeks. One Utah man decided to use his Pasta Pass for good. Realizing that’s way too much pasta for one person, Matt Tribe decided to give the food away to the needy. He went to Olive Garden multiple times a day and gave the pasta out to the homeless who were greatly appreciative. He calls his charity random acts of pasta.


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Nov 212014
sketchy deal

Taylor White was watching Fox 25 news in Boston about the brutal weather the Northeast has been enduring when he couldn’t believe his eyes. During an outside weather report two shaddy characters can be seen meeting up in the background to conduct a very sketchy deal. And then just like that, the two walk away. Even the two news anchors couldn’t help but crack a smile.


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