Oct 062015
Man Who Saved Baby Reunites With Her 58 Years Later

While hunting in Southern Indiana as a teenager with his grandpa in 1955, Dave Hickman heard a strange noise uncommon for the woods. He knew he had to find out what it was. After further investigation, he found a baby girl! Nearly six decades later, CBS This Morning reports that he reunited with the baby he saved. This story was published in 2014, but it has only gone viral now with over one million new views!


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Oct 012015
Genius Made A Job Out Of Standing In line

These days, there’s an app for nearly everything. With a tap, you can get someone to do nearly anything you want, as long as it’s legal. Robert Samuel was inspired by this to make his own job. As waiting in line for new products or promotions has become so popular these days, Robert created Same Ole Line Dudes. Just ask him to wait in line for you and he’ll do it, for a pretty hefty fee. Salon joined him as he, and countless other people who seemed to be doing the same thing, waited in line for the new iPhone 6S .


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Sep 282015
John Oliver Discusses The European Migrant and Refugee Crisis

Even if you don’t regularly follow the news, odds are you’ve heard about the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe as a result of the brutal years long civil war in Syria. Millions of people have fled the bloody conflict seeking refuge in Europe. John Oliver discusses the situation in Europe, and the reaction of Westerns in this new Last Week Tonight segment. 


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Sep 232015
How Cubans Watch New TV And Listen To New Music Without The Internet

Besides for North Korea, until recently Cuba was one of the most secluded places on Earth. But now that the president has renewed relations with the tiny island, they are slowly rejoining the rest of the world. Things are still very different there. When we want to listen to a new song or watch TV, we just go online and in seconds we are enjoying our entertainment. But as Cuba still has very little Internet access, they have a much different system explains Vox


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Sep 152015
Alligator Snapping Turtle VS Common Snapping Turtle

The snapping turtle is famous in the animal kingdom as having one of the most powerful bites. But there’s an even more feared and more powerful version of the snapping turtle called the alligator snapping turtle. It grows larger and stronger than the common snapping turtle and is basically the king of the swamp explains Brave Wilderness in this viral nature video


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