Jul 232016
Pokemon Interrupts State Department Briefing

If there was ever a situation where you should stop and pay attention and put your phone down, it’s when you’re listening to a speech at the white house. While State Department Spokesman John Kirby was giving a briefing, he interrupted himself to ask a reporter if he was playing Pokemon and if he caught it. 


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Jul 132016
Inmates Save Prison Guard After He Passes Out

A group of prisoners at a Texas jail are being hailed as heroes after the guard on duty passed out without a pulse. The prisoners managed to break out of their holding cell and scream so other deputies could give the passed out guard life saving treatment. 


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Jul 072016
Incredible Seven-Year-Old Uses Her Feet As Hands

It’s easy to go through life and take so many things for granted. Little Sophi Green was born with no arms, but somehow she manages to stay upbeat and positive, reports Barcroft TV. Incredibly, she can do almost anything other children can do using her feet. 


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Jun 272016
John Oliver On Professional Sports Doping

Since sports became organized over the past century, doping has been an issue. There’s little the rule keepers can do to stop one athlete from cheating by taking performance enhancing drugs. Today, the problem is rampant in nearly all professional sports. As the Olympics are coming up, John Oliver discusses the modern doping problem on Last Week Tonight.


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