Aug 112016
Iventor Builds Giant Homemade 360 Swing

This kind of ride is one that you only find at the big state fairs that are enjoyed all summer long. But that’s no big deal for crazy British inventor Colin Furze. He built his own giant 360 swing in his own backyard! Surely the neighbors are thrilled…


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Aug 102016
What Happens When You Try To Steal A Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament

The Rolls-Royce is one of the most famous super cars in the world. Only the most elite are lucky enough to be chauffeured around in the luxury carriage. So it’s no surprise so many jerks enjoy stealing the famous Rolls hood ornament, officially called The Spirit of Ecstasy. Thankfully, the engineers at Rolls-Royce have a solution for that. 


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Aug 092016
How To Seal Foods Air-Free Without A Vacuum

We all know that air is one of the biggest enemies of fresh food. So how do you keep your favorite dishes from going bad without an expensive vacuum sealer? SeriousEats demonstrates the simple way how with just a bowl of water and a plastic zip bag. Genius! A great idea to keep steaks fresher for longer in the freezer or fridge. 


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Aug 042016
Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

It’s darn hot out. How how? There are literally fires burning out of control across the States. The Backyard Scientist is sweating down in Florida so he decided to mess around with super cold liquid nitrogen. 

After building a ‘freeze-ray’ he decided to put it up against a flame thrower. The results are glorious. 


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Aug 032016
Pokemon Theme Song Covered In 20 1990’s Styles

What year is it? It was over 20 years ago when Pokemon took the video game world by storm. Now, thanks to the hot new smartphone app Pokemon Go, the pocket monster collecting game has returned to pop culture.

That inspired Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs to cover the Pokemon theme song in the style of 20 different 1990’s bands. 


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