Mar 232016
Antibubbles In Water Will Blow Your Mind

First let’s figure out what in the world an antibubble even is. On the International Space Station, everything of course floats in the zero gravity environment. That includes drops of water. So the scientists on board decided to see what happens when they inject air bubbles into a sphere of floating water. The results are an antibubble. So cool!


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Mar 222016
Apple’s New Robot Takes Apart And Recycles iPhones

Apple is most famous for the iPhone. Back in the day, you would keep your computer and phone for years. Not anymore. The giant tech company has perfected the concept of selling consumers seemingly disposable technology. 

After years of people literally throwing their iPhones away, Apple is doing something to make the recycling process cleaner and more efficient. So they built Liam, a giant robot that disassembles iPhones so the parts can live on. 


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Mar 202016
Popping Tons Of Bubble Wrap With Hydraulic Press

The Internet has been bored of ‘will it blend’ for some time now. But a new strange video series has emerged. A guy with a huge hydraulic press is crushing whatever his fans ask him to do. In this trending clip, he crushes a bunch of bubble wrap all at once. 


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