Oct 292015
Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

For years, addiction has been blamed on the chemicals that hook the users in no time at all. But now many scientists have come to realize that many people become addicted because of a negative life experience. Kurzgesagt explains that instead of locking people up in cages for using drugs, we should be helping them reenter society. 


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Oct 272015
World’s Slowest Rube Goldberg Machine

We’ve all seen Rube Goldberg Machines before. But nothing like this. Inventor Bob Partington created what is most likely the slowest Rube Goldberg Machine ever built. Every part of the machine is super slow, from a molasses river to a turtle transport. All in all, it takes over six weeks for the machine to complete one cycle. 


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Oct 272015
How Expensive Is It To Own A Buggatti

Mercedes, Cadillac, BMW, and Lamborghini are luxury car brands famous around the world. But there is no question which car brand is the fastest and most expensive: Buggatti which is currently owned by Volkswagen. But it’s not just the $3 million price that owners must cough up to own the most expensive super car in the world. Salomondrin explains how just the tires and an oil change can cost a small fortune for this super car. 



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Oct 242015

Crazy British inventor Colin Furze is finally back with another dose of outrageousness. There are countless fictitious weapons and tools in video gaming, from lightsabers, to super laser guns, to warp cannons. Assassin’s Creed has some seriously cool weapons, and Colin has brought two of them to life in this new video: a super sweet hidden retractable arm blade and a rope launcher.  


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Oct 222015
Water Spirals In Super Slow Motion

As we all already knows, everything looks cooler in slow motion. Hollywood knows this all too well. Just look at movies like The Matrix and 300. That’s why Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys are so popular online. For their latest slow motion experiment, they recorded a foam ball drenched in colored water spinning in super slow motion. Sweet! 


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