Jul 132015
People Try Stuff For The First Time Buzzfeed Parody

At first, Buzzfeed became famous for their countless viral lists that cover nearly every topic imaginable. Today, Buzzfeed is known for their prolific videos featuring seemingly regular people trying new foods and experiences for the first time. After watching one too many of these videos, the comedians at Nacho Punch couldn’t help themselves and made this hilarious spoof of people trying stuff for the first time, such as drinking bleach and waterboarding prisoners. 


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Jul 112015
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Behind The Scenes At Comic-Con 2015

Lucky fans at Comic-Con 2015 were treated to this special Star Wars clip featuring behind the scenes of The Force Awakens. Viewers have been assured that although movie special effects technology has surpassed anything imaginable in the 70’s and 80’s when the original films were made, J. J. Abrams is using as much physical effects as possible to retain that authentic look that was lost in the prequels in the 2000’s.  


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Jul 112015
Bryan Cranston Drops Yo Mama Joke On Teen From Albuquerque At Comic Con

On day one of Nerd hq 2015 during Comic-Con, fans had the opportunity to ask celebrities questions. One teen from Albuquerque, New Mexico asked Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston what it was like to work and live in his home town for so long during the taping of the show. “Did you have fun there?,” he asked.  

Bryan brilliantly answered, “Ya, I’d go and visit your mother every once in a while,” and dropped his mic to the cheers of the audience. Countless copies of this clip have gone viral with millions of views this weekend!


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Jul 102015
Claw Machines ARE Rigged

We’ve all tried to play that claw machine at the laundromat or mall. And it seems the machine has got to be cheating. Just when your stuffed animal is about to drop into the shoot, the claw seems to always just let go. Well now it’s official. Last month, it was revealed that most claw machines have a special algorithm that allows owners to control how often the claw actually has full power to pick up a toy, reports Vox. This video has over 2 million views!


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