Jul 182014
JIBO Is The World’s First Family Robot

For years, humans have been dreaming of a robot that is a part of the family. Science fiction movies and TV shows are full of examples. Now, the age of the robots may finally be here. Jibo is the world’s first family robot. Unlike your robot floor sweeper, JIBO will be a constant part of your family life, and make everything easier by taking care of all things digital. 

Check out the crowd-funding page at MyJibo.com.


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Jul 172014
Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle Which Is The Biggest Star Wars Fan

Back in May, director J.J. Abrams went viral when he asked Star Wars fans to support UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs at OMaze. One lucky supporter would win the opportunity to be in the new Star Wars films.

Now, late night hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have teamed up to support OMaze and spread word of the contest further by starring in this humorous promotional video


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Jul 172014
Harry Potter Series Explained In 2 Minutes

Harry Potter is one of the most famous stories in the world. But for the few who haven’t read the books or watched the movies, Mashable has stepped forward to offer a summary. As they did with Lord of the Rings, they explain the wizarding tale in just two minutes


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Jul 162014
Weird Al Yankovic Parodies ‘Royals’ As ‘Foil’

Weird Al Yankovic is on a parody roll. For each day this week he has and will continue to debut brand new pop music parodies. For today’s spoof, Al teamed up with the folks at College Humor to take on Lorde’s hit single Royals. Weird Al sings about his love of saving late night take out food wrapped in foil. Genius. 


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Jul 152014
Bill Gates’s Favorite Business Book

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two of the world’s richest businessmen. So when they both approve of a business book you know there’s something special to be read. Bill Gates just posted this video on his YouTube channel The Gates Notes covering his favorite book, and the clip is quickly taking off. 


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