Jul 292014
How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need

Most busy adults run on very little sleep. But how much sleep do we actually need? And can you ever ‘catch up’ on sleep, say on the weekend or during vacation? The nerds at Asap Science explains that during studies, scientists have found that people have a steady decline in cognitive functions when running on less than eight hours of sleep. Surprise, surprise.  


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Jul 282014
Dr. Who VS Sherlock Holmes The Musical

The musical nerds at AVbyte have taken a move right out of Epic Rap Battles of History’s playbook, and have pinned two epic characters in a musical duel. Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes are two brilliant British minds, but who is the more clever one? The two geniuses sing to find out in this new musical


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Jul 252014
Hot Wheels Unveils Life-Size Darth Vader Car

Darth Vader is the ruling Sith Lord of the Death Star, and even has his own special TIE Fighter. But when he isn’t flying around space, how does he travel on land? Finally, after teaming up with the Star Wars team, Hot Wheels has revealed exactly what Vader would drive around town: a full sized Darth Vader car. So bad!


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Jul 242014
Amazing Bets You Will Always Win Part 11

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology is back with yet another video showing off 10 bets you will always win. So study up and gather your friends. But make sure you choose the right buddies, because after pulling off some of these bets on them, they may not stay your friends for long. 


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Jul 242014
How Playing An Instrument Helps Your Brain

Scientists have realized that learning to play an instrument is more beneficial than we once thought before. As Anita Collins of TED-Ed explains, playing a musical instrument activates nearly every section of the brain at once. The fine motor skills required to play an instrument use both hemispheres for the brain. So every time you play the piano you are really engaging in a brain work out!


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