Jul 302015
Toy Bus Drives On Record And Plays It

Back when it debuted, the record player was literally the iPod of that generation. For the first time, people could listen to music whenever they wished without the need of a live musician. Today, record players are simply quaint. For some reason, this older video from 2011 is trending now, and features a very interesting toy truck that rides on the grooves of a record while playing it.


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Jul 302015
Google Translate Translates ‘La Bamba’ Live Music Video

For years now, technology companies have been struggling with the difficult task of translation. But it seems our friends at Google have finally cracked the surface of this problem. To show off their new live translation smartphone app, they made this very entertaining music video of the Spanish song La Bamba in which the lyrics are translated live. 


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Jul 282015
Dropping A Effervescent Pill In Floating Water Bubble In Space

The best part about being an astronaut is performing science experiments that would otherwise be impossible. On Earth, countless people drop effervescent tablets into water to make a soothing elixir to calm their stomach aches and pains. But in space, that simple experiment becomes a lot cooler! This video by Reel NASA has gone viral with over 250,000 views!


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Jul 272015
John Oliver Discusses Mandatory Minimums

Years ago, corrupt politicians made it law that some crimes have required minimum punishments. That means even if the circumstances aren’t all that serious and no one really was hurt, some people are put away in prison for decades, or even life! President Obama just recently granted clemency to a large group of prisoners who have been in prison for decades for crimes that today have much shorter punishments. John Oliver discusses the problem with mandatory minimums in this new Last Week Tonight segment. 


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