Mar 292014
Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel Sing “Confrontation” From Les Miserables

How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel were asked by an acting student on Inside the Actors Studio to perform a little impromptu singing from Les Miserables

The two awesome actors were happy to oblige, singing Confrontation

“That was epic,” says Carmelyne Thompson

We have to agree. 


Via 22Words

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Jun 102013

The Tony Awards were held over the weekend, and popular Neil Patrick Harris sang the opening number. It is as fabulous as expected, with Mike Tyson even making a quick cameo. The opening number is posted by CBS and is already going viral this morning. 


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Dec 052012

Ultra popular Neil Patrick Harris teamed up with , and debuted their new collaborated web series Neil’s Puppet Dreams. The premiere episode is only a week old, and already it has garnered more than 800,000 views.

For the second episode, Neil is joined by Canadian actor Nathan Fillion in “Doctor’s Office.”


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Nov 282012

Neil Patrick Harris and the  have teamed up to bring the web a new series, Neil’s Puppet Dreams.

The debut episode features Neil passing out, and dreaming up a Lullabye sung to him by puppets. Yea. Naturally, anything starring NPH goes viral. 


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Sep 262012

How I Met Your Mother started out back in 2005, and wooed fans with its awesome cast and story. But as the show continued, fans became anxious about the main plot, which happens to be shared by the show’s name. 

Does it really take 8 years to tell your kids how you me their mom? After so long, even the most die hard of fans might be a little cloudy about the full story. Luckily, Barney summed up the entire show in less than a minute in this week premiere that has gone viral.


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