Nov 062013
Michael Jordan’s Mansion Is Up For Auction And It’s Amazing

When you’re world famous NBA star Michael Jordan, anything you do in the public makes headlines.

So when Concierge Auctions reported that Michael was putting his estate in Highland Park, Illinois up for auction, it’s no surprise the video tour has gone viral. 

From the giant ’23′ on the entrance gate, to the full sized indoor basketball court, the entire mansion and property says Jordan. 

With a starting price of $29 million, only the 1% could even dream of bidding on the home come November 22, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from drooling over the tour and enjoying a peek into the home of the 90′s most prominent NBA star.  


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Oct 282013
Kyrie Irving Plays As Old Man ‘Uncle Drew’ Part 3

Pepsi and Kyrie Irving have gone viralviral twice in the past with their Uncle Drew prank where Kyrie Irving dresses as an old man, and schools pickup basketball players at the park.

Now, a year later, they have returned to the web with part 3.

This time, Uncle Drew visits a Chicago jazz club to employ Nate Robinson to shock players and spectators at the court with their professional moves. 

The new video is quickly going viral as expected, and is featured on Yahoo, DeadSpin, and Devour


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Oct 262013
Bad British Basketball Commentary

Apparently, it takes some time for NBA basketball games to make it to the UK. Even though the Spurs VS Heat finals game was played in June, Britain has only aired the game recently. 

Of course this is all a joke by The Exploding Heads, but their hilarious Bad British Basketball Commentary spoof for the exciting game of ‘Netball’ is still trending through the weekend. 

Just like their previously viralviral British Baseball Commentary


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Oct 032013
Michael Jordan Interview For NBA 2K14

To promote the new NBA2K14 video game that includes legendary basketball star Michael Jordan, the video game company invited Jordan himself to let it all out. 

In the viral clip that has already amassed over 750,000 views, Mike discusses trash talking, how the game has changed, and even technology.

“I’m not a Twitter-er, I’m not a twerker, I’m not a Facebook-er. I’m old school. What is twerking by the way?”

Oh, how we envy your ignorance…. 


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Aug 312013
Guess What Day It Is Dallas Mavericks Parody Gieco Commercial

It’s easy to spot a Gieco commercial these days by their repeating gags and themes. One of their most popular ad series is their Happier Than commercial.  

To kick off the NBA season, the Dallas Mavericks made this humorous spoof of Gieco’s Hump Day commercial featuring Dirk Nowitzki. The week old spoof already has over 950,000 hits!


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