Oct 152014
Song Made Entirely From Auto-Correct

Back in the day, you had to live with your text screw ups. Then came auto-correct. At first it was helpful but a bit archaic. But each new iteration of operating systems and smartphones brings better and better auto-correct. Musician Jonathan Mann has made an entire song using just what appears on his new iPhone’s auto-correct. It’s actually a pretty good song. Not any worse than any other pop song these days…


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Oct 142014
US Marines VS South Korean Drum Battle

American troops have been stationed in South Korea since the end of the Korean War. Technically, the North and South are still at war, but neither have broken the delicate cease fire for decades besides for a few small skirmishes. Both sides are afraid to reawaken all out war, yet refuse to lower their poker face. As a result, American troops are still stationed in South Korea today for training purposes, moral support, and as a sign of strength. 

So what do American Marines do in South Korea? They have drum battles with their Korean comrades of course!


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Oct 122014
Kids React To ‘All About That Bass’

By now, you’ve heard Meghan Trainor one hit wonder All About That Bass countless times at the mall, on the radio, and even in the grocery store. Naturally, the song is especially popular with the young folk. So what do kids think of the popular music video? The Fine Brothers wanted to find out in this new video.  


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Oct 112014
Mormon Missionary Break Dances With Street Performer

As most people know, when a Mormon grows of age, they are sent out into the world on a mission. But Lds S.M.I.L.E. proved in this video that the young missionaries aren’t just business. They can have fun too. Watch as a young Mormon takes part in a break dance contest with a Michael Jackson street performer. He’s actually really good! This clip has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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