Aug 192015
Air New Zealand Made An Epic Men In Black Themed Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand has become famous online over the past years for their outrageous and entertaining flight safety videos. In this day and age, nearly every passenger knows the flight safety speech by heart, so most ignore it and just play with their phone. To make sure people pay attention, Air New Zealand, and many other airlines, have created entertaining videos.

This time, they teamed up with the Men In Black to create an nerdy and educational music video. It’s no surprise this video has instantly gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


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Aug 172015
Horror High School Music Video Is A Horror Fan’s Dream

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular kid or a terrifying serial killer with knives for hands. Apparently, everyone goes through the same things in high school. The band Common Shiner imagines what a high school romance might look like if it took place in a world made up of horror creatures and characters in this teen slasher music video Social Mediasochist


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Aug 112015
Getting Ready In The Morning Remix

We all get up in the morning with the same tasks at hand. Take a shower, get clean, shave and get dressed. Music producer Andrew Huang somehow made a catchy remix from his morning routine with the help of his new Sony camera. 

Now that’s one way to start your day energized. 


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Aug 062015
Taylor Swift Harry Potter Parody Mash Up

Weasley Sweaters is a talented actress who has a serious obsession with Harry Potter. For her latest project, she merged Harry Potter with one of her favorite pop stars, Taylor Swift. She recreated Taylor’s hit song Blank SpaceBad BloodWelcome to New York, and Shake it Off with a magically twist that has gone viral.  


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