Jan 062016
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Surprises Street Musician And Sings Along

This video went viral in September with over 3 million views, but is trending again now after being posted all over Facebook. While a street musician was performing the Aerosmith classic I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing in Moscow, rock star Steven Tyler incredibly appeared in the crowd, walked up to the performer, and started singing along. It seems the street musician might not even realize the stranger is actually Steven! 


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May 202012

While promoting his latest film, Men In Black III, in Moscow, Will Smith was approached by Ukrainian TV reporter who got a little too friendly for Smith’s taste.

The reporter gave the super star the impression he wanted a hug, but when given the chance, he tried to kiss the movie star. Will retaliated by pushing the reporter away, asking, “What the hell is your problem, man,” and softly smacking him in the face. 


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Jan 122012

World famous jazz pianist Dave Brubeck was playing a piano recital in Moscow, Russia at the Moscow Conservatory during the 1980’s when he was asked to improvise “Ei, uhnem,” a Russian folk song. After a minute of playing, a young man in the audience took out his violin and just started playing with the world famous musician. Brubeck smiled and the two played a gorgeous improvised piece together with music as their only language to communicate with. The vintage video that was posted online 2007 has suddenly gone viral now for unexplained reasons.  


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Aug 032011

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake had a Q&A at their opening for Friends With Benefits in Moscow. Almost the entire video is in Russian, so why is the video so viral in America?

At one point a reporter asks Justin why he doesn’t make music anymore and instead is acting. Before he could answer Mila answered for him and said, ‘Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?’ in fluent Russian. The video is going viral on BlameItOnTheVoices and Gawker


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