Jan 012015
Sister Pranks Brother With Video Selfies Instead Of Picture Over And Over

Jillian Haker loves messing with her sweet brother. Over the past year, she frequently asked to take a selfie with him. But while he was waiting for the picture to be taken, Jillian would smirk because she was taking a video instead. Her prank never gets old.  


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Dec 302014
Epic Movie Explosions Supercut

At midnight on Wednesday, cities around the world will put on glorious fireworks demonstrations to welcome in the new year. But who needs real life fireworks when we have the movies? To close 2014, the movie nerds of Screen Junkies put together this supercut of epic movie explosions! And boom goes the dynamite. 


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Dec 292014
Pop Hits Of 2014 Played With Household Items

There have been too many pop music hits too count this year. To end 2014 right, musician Andrew Huang made this epic pop music montage of the best hits from the year. For an extra creative kick, he made all the music using his voice and household items, such as bottles, spoons, and car doors. You’ll recognize songs like Timber, Happy, and more!


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Dec 262014
Top 33 Pop Songs Of 2014 In 3 minutes

The year is finally ending. Time to review all of the best from the past 12 months. Film maker Eric Thayne teamed up with musicians Ashley Hess, David Osmand, and James Curran to cover the best pop songs from 2014. They found 33 songs that they felt deserved recognition and packed them all into this three minute music video montage.  


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Dec 262014
The World Around Us 2014 Year In Review

Now that Christmas is over, people are awaiting the new year of 2015, and looking back over the past 12 months. A lot has happened in 2014, from disasters, to terror attacks, to heroic rescues. Tim Wilson reviews the most important stories of 2014 in this powerful compilation video


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