Mar 192016
Celebrities Speak Out On Fame And Materialism

Everyone wants to be rich and famous, right? Many people dream of being a famous star of a TV show or pop singer. That’s why American Idol type shows are still so popular. But what happens when you’re finally famous and rich?

It might be nice to have financial security, but many celebrities attest in this compilation that the fame and cash won’t make you feel any better on the inside. 


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Mar 162016
Guy With A Bass ‘Covers’ Donald Trump Saying China Montage

Donald Trump says a lot of things. One topic he loves to talk about is China. The Huffington Post made a hilarious compilation of Trump just saying China over and over that already has over 4 million views!


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Mar 152016
Pressure Washing Compilation Is Oddly Satisfying

What is it about cleaning something perfectly that is just so satisfying? Whatever the reason, viewers just love a good pressure washing. BuzzFeed put together this montage of 13 oddly satisfying clips of grimy dirt being washed with pressurized water. 


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Mar 132016
Dog Sitter Dresses Bulldog Up As Different Characters

Why is the bulldog so popular? Just look at that face! While out of the house for a while, a couple hired a doggy sitter for their bulldog Wilson. Instead of just sending them text messages or pictures of updates of Wilson, the sitter sent these short video clips of Wilson dressed up as countless different characters, such as a nurse, a school girl, a skier, and more! 


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Mar 112016
Donald Trump Has A Lot Of Friends Ultimate Compilation

Donald Trump continues to stand as the front runner of all the Republican presidential candidates. And it makes sense as Jimmy Kimmel noticed that Trump has a lot of friends. A lot!

Jimmy put together this hilarious compilation of The Donald talking about his many, many friends. 


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