Nov 032011

Conan O’Brien’s late night show, Conan,  is visiting in New York for the week, which is perfect for one on Conan’s crew members. Same-sex marriage is legal in New York, so now he can marry his partner, which he couldn’t do in California. Conan loved the idea so much, he offered to have the wedding on his show. Well, when the local news stations got whiff of the story, that all reacted with the same headline. It’s mind numbingly funny. 


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Nov 012011

Rick Perry hasn’t been doing too well in the polls recently. It may have something to do with his speech making abilities. He has just a little too much Bush resemblance for even the Republicans. Here’s a montage of the ‘best’ parts from a recent Rick Perry speech. 




This is the longer version of the speech:


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Oct 312011

The band Axis Of Awesome were the first to make a Four Chords song. With just four simple chords, you can play the music from countless pop songs.  made her own four chords song, inspired by AOA. They would be proud. The song is shared by MattStopera, World-Shaker, and TastefullyOffensive


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