Feb 062012

When TV shows reference one another it can add realism to the scene and help viewers connect with the characters.  created a TV referencing compilation in a very unique chain. It starts with an SNL clip referencing 30 Rock, so the next clip is 30 Rock, and so on. It continues until finally ending again with SNL. 


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Dec 142011

The end of 2011 comes closer everyday with more wrap up videos continuing to pop up as News Years approaches.  went viral last year with his Filmography 2010 super cut of all the notable films from 2010. Well, the film junky is back with a retrospective look at the movies of 2011. Hopefully, this becomes an annual thing. The video is shared on TheDailyWhat


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Nov 092011

Animals are great for viral videos, but what really kick starts an animal video is when they go trolling. From stealing food, to pushing people into water, there are countless animal trolling viral videos. Here are some of the best ones super cut into one epic video by . The video is featured on TheHighDefinite


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Nov 072011

Director Quentin Tarantino is famous for creating films that are outside the box. He doesn’t conform to other’s, and that’s what fans love about him.  created this homage to Tarantino, and hopes his feelings for the director are conveyed in the montage. The video is shared by TheHighDefinite, and BrianAbrams.


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