Feb 282012

World famous director Quentin Tarantino is known for his creative and different movie making. One of his signature moves is the from-below-camera-shot. Kogonada compiled all the best scenes shot-from-below into one epic montage featured on LaughingSquid


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Feb 262012

There are countless videos games that have been adapted into a Lego version of the game, like Lego Star Wars, Lego racer, and Lego Harry Potter. In honor of the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards,  created this Lego animated montage of fifteen popular video game scenes recreated with real life Legos that is featured on TheAwesomer. How many can you recognize?


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Feb 172012

Videos like this is what YouTube was made for. The vintage clip features a 1990′s “Jewfro-bulous boy” in his basement performing some sweet dunks on his toy basketball hoop. The video is from the Genesis of YouTube, all the way back in 2006, but just went viral this morning after being featured on Reddit


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Feb 112012

It’s nearly impossible to find an American kid who hasn’t grown up watching Disney movies and cartoons. The late cartoonist has been gone for decades now, but his dream of entertaining the youth continues on. As a tribute to all things Disney,  created this epic Disney montage with animation from almost every Disney feature film.


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Feb 102012

In just one day, this video has already been viewed almost 200,00 times, and is featured on GeekOSystem, BusinessInsider, and BoingBoing. The 21 century maybe Apple’s time to shine, but only a short time ago in the 90′s, Apple was considered far from the mainstream. To see just how far the tech giant has come, here’s (almost) every Apple product from the heyday of Macintosh to today’s world renown iPhone. 


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