Oct 102012

There’s just something about ‘faceplanting’ that puts all other fails to shame. Viewers just love that feeling, that instinctual recoil we all go through when seeing a fellow human being survive such a trauma, especially to the face.

So for all the gluttons of pain online,  created this ultimate faceplant compilation that has started to trend. 


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Oct 052012

It was only one short year ago when world famous Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away. Since then two new iPhones have debuted, and the company seems stronger than ever. 

To honor the visionary, Apple just posted this special one year anniversary tribute to their late CEO that has instantly gone viral. The video is further featured on WebProNews, TechRadar, and Buzzfeed


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Oct 042012

Everyone online knows that half the fun of YouTube is reading the ridiculous comments section.  did all the hard work and compiled all the best and most famous viral videos with the top rated–and coincidentally the most ridiculous–YouTube comment


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Sep 222012

It’s a movie cliche as old as cinema. The famous ‘There are two kinds of people in the world…” quote that has been used from the most serious of movie scenes to the most goofy and ridiculous.

Just how saturated is Hollywood with the old phrase? James Chapman did all the hard work for us, and created this ultimate super cut of the over used saying from 30 famous films

Neatorama, BitsAndPieces, and TastfullyOffensive are some of the first blogs to feature the quickly surging viral video. 


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Sep 192012

Now that the NFL season is finally back in full swing, football videos have begun to trend. This fantastic compilation published by  last year is already popular, and has gone viral again after being featured on Reddit

Brian Cushing, inside linebacker for the Houston Texans, knows he’s wearing a microphone, but obviously, he doesn’t really care. He wants the whole world to know what kind of person he truly is. 

Take note, this is all from just one game. 

“This a grown dog’s game. Ain’t no puppies out here. Ain’t no puppies out here today!



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