Apr 302012

Movie buff and remix artist  is quickly gaining attention after the release of his latest remix video, The Sci-Fi Portfolio. He  cut up and compiled over thirty famous science fictions films into this one ultimate sci-fi tribute video that is already featured on TheAwesomer.  


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Apr 172012

YouTuber musician  has awakened from his Internet hiatus with his latest track. For ten beautiful, nerdy minutes on guitar, FreddeGredde rocks out an ultimate video game rock medley. Louis Abramson adds with the drums. How many games do you recognize?


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Apr 092012

The 1990′s sitcom Frasier was a spin off of Cheers and was one of the few TV spin offs to actually become popular (we’re looking at you Joey).

One interesting fact about Frasier that most people might not realize is that many of those kooks and crazies calling into Frasier’s therapy radio show were actually big time celebrities.

YouTuber  compiled a whole slew of scenes when celebs call Frasier in this video that went viral over the weekend. Some famous examples are Malcom McDowell, Ben Stiller, Jodie Foster, and more.

The video started to trend on Reddit, and was subsequently featured on LaughingSquid and 22Words


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