Jun 262015
Stoic Mama Monkey Is Groomed By The Bathroom Sink For Mother’s Day

Animal lover Teresa Bullock is the caretaker for a very special monkey named Angel. In honor of Mother’s Day last month, they treated Angel with a full spa treatment by the bathroom sink. You can just see how relaxed she is. 


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May 122015
Orangutan Babysits Tiger Cubs

What’s cuter than a bunch of baby tiger cubs playing and wrestling? How about an orangutan babysitter? In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one of the famous orange apes has become an unofficial babysitter to a group of tiger cubs after learning to do so from the other human caretakers. Now, the orangutan plays with the cubs all the time. This cute animal video by Animals Media has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Apr 122015
Chimpanzee Takes Down Drone Flying In Ape Enclosure

A chimpanzee at the Burgers Zoo was not too pleased to see a drone flying around his enclosure. Once the flying quadrotor was close enough, the monkey took a swing at the remote control helicopter and took it out! Now, this video taken from the drone has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million views!


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Dec 222014
Monkey Saves Unconscious Monkey On Railroad Tracks

Monkeys are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. One monkey recently demonstrated just how similar we really are and has gone viral. In this instant viral video by On Demand News, a monkey can be seen saving the life of a second monkey who fell unconscious on the railroad tracks in India’s northern city of Kanpur. The Internet can’t help but feel touched by the magical clip. 


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