Jan 122016
Monkeys Steal From Tourists And Hold Their Valuables Ransom For Food

In America, squirrels and raccoons are pretty common wild animals. But in other parts of the world, monkeys can be found all over town. The raccoon might steal your trash, the BBC reports that some monkeys have learned to steal things from tourists, and hold the valuables in exchange for food. Crafty little devils. 


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Dec 242015
Orangutan Builds Hammock In Zoo Enclosure

Most of us understand that apes and monkeys are some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom besides for us humans. But it’s actually surprising just how smart some of these apes really are. Animal Cognition is an animal rights group which documents and investigates the mental capacities of intelligent animals. In this recent viral video they published, a female orangutan builds a hammock in her enclosure. Sadly, it’s more like a jail cell. 


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Dec 092015
Monkey Reacts To Magic Trick

Dan Zaleski was at the zoo at the monkey exhibit when he decided to show a curious ape a very simple magic trick. Any adult can easily see that he drops the ball from the cup quickly to make it ‘disappear’ but the monkey obviously missed that. To the ape, it was simply magic. The monkey’s reaction is priceless and now this video has gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 092015
Zoo Guest Shows Gorilla Other Gorillas On His Phone

The way animals react to our high tech world is truly fascinating. Paul Ross was visiting the zoo when he stumbled upon the gorilla exhibit. That’s when he had the great idea to show one of the great apes pictures of other monkeys on his smartphone. The way the gorilla was entranced has the Internet buzzing and now this clip has over 1.5 million hits!


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Sep 012015
Toddler And Young Gorilla Play Peek A Boo At Zoo

It’s incredible how similar we really are to our ape cousins. While visiting the Columbus Zoo, little Isaiah found a friend to play with, and he wasn’t even human. At the gorilla exhibit, the 2.5 year old human played peek a boo with young gorilla Kamoli, says The Columbus Dispatch. Now, this precious video has instantly gone viral!


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