Jun 102012

There’s just something so satisfying when a runway model falls. Maybe it’s because their only job is to walk, stop, and walk back. Or maybe it’s because we’re jealous that they get paid for being good looking, and we have to go into the office for mininum wage. 

Either way, this Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation by  will have laughing your most evil laugh. 


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Jun 302011

There are many working Lego cars, robots, and contraptions online, but this maybe one of the best. It is an extremely accurate, working model of a Porsche 911 convertible. Everything a car fanatic would want to work on the model is featured. It has working disc brakes, a working seven speed transmission, a power convertible top and so much more. The video is featured on Reddit.


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Feb 152011

Not falling on the catwalk is probably the only thing on these girls’ minds. Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall. That’s also the only thing on the job description. I’ve never seen a girl stumble around like a penguin this long before taking the tumble. Get this girl a new pair of shoes, ones that actually work.

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