Jun 122012

Last weekend, fans of the Charleston RiverDogs had the bad luck of rain during the game. As a result, the tarp had to be taken out to keep the infield dry. 

To keep people from boredom, fan favorite actor Bill Murray took to the field and rounded the bases. He even slid into home to the cheers of the fans. 


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May 102012

Austin Wates of the Corpus Christi’s Hooks brought some excitement to the minor leagues when he literally jumped over the fence into the bullpen making a homerun an out. Sadly, the Hooks still lost 6-0 to the San Antonio Missions. 

The video published by ESPN already has over 130,000 hits, and is featured on YouTubeTrends.  


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Aug 242011

When you’re down 20 to 0, and stuck in left field, there’s not much else to do than jerk around and dance. This Aruba left fielder shows off his Jerkin’ dance skills, which apparently means violently jerking your body around. And you thought the Superman dance was weird back in ’07. 


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Aug 222011

The minor leauge Nashville Sounds were the Omaha Storm Chasers on Saturday. With a man on first and second at the bottom of the 3rd, Omaha’s Clint Robinson hit straight down center field. Logan Schafer of Nashville ran back, reached up, and just missed the catch. The ball just fell out of his mitt onto his head. Somehow, he reached to the side, and caught the ball getting the out. Logan finished the triple play by passing to the second baseman, who tossed to first. The story is covered by YahooSports and MyFoxNY




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Wild Triple Play In Minor League Game: MyFoxNY.com

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