Jun 052012

This adorable video published over a year ago by   just started to trend now, and is featured on WXER, StuffIStole, and DailyPicks

Terribly timid and nervous Hamlet — who just might be cousins with Piglet, the anxious pig from the Winnie The Pooh cartoons — is a mini pig scared of going down the stairs, making him even more precious and adorable. His human friends finally coax him down with a bowl of nice, yummy oatmeal. 


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Jan 252012

This video from a little over a year ago just went viral now, showing up on HuffingtonPost and HolyCuteness was kind enough to document the life of her new mini pig, Ham-let, on her YouTube channel. At this point, he was just weaned off bottles and eating solid food, but as a special treat, PiggyGirl2010 would give him a bottle that he still loved. But not before teasing him a bit…


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