Jun 132016
This Guy Really Really Hates Windows Updates

Most of us ignore those annoying pop ups from Windows telling us to update the computer and restart it. But Endless Jess has had it up to here with Windows 8. It seems every five minutes it tells him to restart Windows. To say he freaks out is an understatement. 


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Apr 302015
Microsoft HoloLens Simulation Just Might Blow Your Mind

Microsoft, the creator of the world’s most popular operating system, had the Web buzzing when they first introduced the concept for their augmented reality glasses called HoloLens. Their first commercial looked and sounded amazing, but viewers were skeptical and thought it might just be a gimmick. Now we see it’s no gimmick. This new video from Build 2015 shows just how far the technology has already come. Soon, TV’s and monitors will be obsolete as you can make any wall your personnel big screen theater. 


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Jan 222015
Microsoft HoloLens Will Cover The World With Holograms

The world is more interconnected than ever. But Microsoft isn’t satisfied. For a while now, the Windows company has seemed to have lost its touch in the tech world. They are no longer ‘cool’. But the Bill Gates company is trending after debuting this exciting new commercial for a hologram technology that users wear that will blend the real world with their digital online one. They call the device Microsoft HoloLens.


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Oct 312014
Microsoft Band Commercial

Tech companies have been struggling to debut the next big thing. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone and tablet, they have been trying to create a new market of wearable tech. Apple recently announced their new watch and Samsung has their android Gear. Now, Microsoft is entering the arena with their newly announced Microsoft Band. Consumers seem impressed so far, but only time will tell if Band will take off. 


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Oct 062014
Windows 95 On Android Smart Watch

Back in 1995, there was only one game in town in the computer operating business. Microsoft’s Windows 95 was cutting edge and futuristic, and was the first time the tech company had introduced their iconic ‘Start’ button. But 1995 was along time ago. In honor of the upcoming 20 year anniversary for Windows 95, Corbin Davenport put the now ancient operating system on his Samsung Gear Live smart watch. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in 20 years. 


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