Apr 152014
Story Behind World’s Most Viewed Picture

Windows XP has become one of the world’s most popular operating systems since its debut in 2001. As a result, the standard background picture of a grassy field with blue skies may very well be the world’s most viewed image as it has been seen by over one billion people.  

Now, that Windows XP is being closed down for good, Microsoft has traveled to San Francisco to tell the story behind the famous picture. 

The story has gone viral with over 800,000 views!


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Feb 172014
6 Awesome Xbox One Facts Stop Motion

Popular nerd channel Vsauce3 has made a name for themselves in the video game community with their popular video game console stop motion videos. 

They’ve already covered the original Nintendo, the Sega Dreamcast, the original Playstation, and the new PS4 in eye-popping stop motion animations.  

But Vsauce is bipartisan. So they’ve just released this new stop motion featuring the PS4′s arch nemesis, the XBox One


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Feb 022014
Microsoft’s 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Will Inspire You

Technology has come a long way just over the past decade. What was once science fiction on Star Trek, such as talking in real time over a screen or using a computer tablet, is now mainstream. 

Former NFL player Steve Gleason who is living with ALS stars in this inspirational Microsoft Super Bowl commercial. With the help of new tech, his disease is less of an obstacle in his life. 

What will tomorrow bring?


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Jun 102013

After Microsoft announced the new XBox One, fans erupted in anger over countless aspects of the new fourth generation gaming console. One of the biggest thorns in the XB1 is the new restrictive and complex used games policy.

Sony has just held their PlayStation 4 reveal where they made it clear they are taking a much different route for disc-based games. In this Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video, the host says, “This is how you share your games on PS4.”

He then hands it to his peer, who answers, “Thanks.” That’s it. 

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of countless MS fans rushing to Sony. 


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May 232013

Gamers have anxiously been awaiting the new XBox for years now. Finally, the new XBox One has been revealed. Unfortunately for Microsoft, fans and gamers were left with a bad initial tasting. 

Where are the new ground breaking, must have games? Where is the innovation? 

Instead, fans were force fed how great the new XOne is going to be for the family room and for TV watching. YouTuber Darkbeatdk put together this ‘highlights’ reel from the unveiling that explains in just two minutes why so many dedicated gamers are upset with the big M. 

In just one day, the video has garnered over 2.5 million hits


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