Feb 092014
Love Song Medley

Music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider teamed up with YouTube singers Kylee and Chestersee to create the most epic love song medley ever. 

They mashed together 27 famous pop love songs into one ultra tune just in time for Valentine’s Day

How many songs do you recognize?


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Feb 052014
Mother And Son Perform The Most Epic Wedding Dance Ever

Doug Larson posted this video last April, but it has resurfaced now after appearing on DailyPicks and TastefullyO

Kathy and her son Blake start off their mother-son wedding dance to a slow and beautiful song, as per usual. But suddenly, the music drops, and the two perform the most epic dance medley ever


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Jan 072014
World Of Warcraft A Cappella Medley

Vocalist Peter Hollens teamed up with Evynne Hollens to create this new a cappella masterpiece. The two YouTube stars cover the best music from the popular MMORPG World Of Warcraft with only their voices. 

Even those who aren’t WOW players will appreciate the epic music.  


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Jan 062014
Video Game Theme Songs One Minute Mash Up

Musician Chad Neidt, most famous online for his one minute mash ups, turned to his nerdy side for his latest project

In just one minute, he quickly performs a medley of 16 famous video game theme songs, such as Halo, Pokemon, Mario of course, and more!


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