Mar 012014
Video Game Medley Performed On Bottles

Remember the Bottle Boys? They last went viral performing the Disney classic Under The Sea using only bottles with varying amounts of water in them to create different notes. 

Now, they have returned in collaboration with It’s Big ! to bring the Web this epic video game medley. The cover all of the best gaming hits, including Zelda, Pokemon, Angry Birds, Tetris, and more!


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Feb 262014
Pokemon Pop Music Parody Medley

What started off as just a fad has snowballed into one of the largest gaming franchises to date: Pokemon. 

Geeky couple Screen Team last went viral after debuting their Christmas Themed Pop Music Medley which stands with over 3.1 million views

Now, they’ve merged recent pop music hits–such as TimberWake Me Up, and more–with Pokemon to create one nerdy Pokemon Pop Parody Medley of epic proportions.


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Feb 092014
Love Song Medley

Music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider teamed up with YouTube singers Kylee and Chestersee to create the most epic love song medley ever. 

They mashed together 27 famous pop love songs into one ultra tune just in time for Valentine’s Day

How many songs do you recognize?


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Feb 052014
Mother And Son Perform The Most Epic Wedding Dance Ever

Doug Larson posted this video last April, but it has resurfaced now after appearing on DailyPicks and TastefullyO

Kathy and her son Blake start off their mother-son wedding dance to a slow and beautiful song, as per usual. But suddenly, the music drops, and the two perform the most epic dance medley ever


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