Jan 072014
World Of Warcraft A Cappella Medley

Vocalist Peter Hollens teamed up with Evynne Hollens to create this new a cappella masterpiece. The two YouTube stars cover the best music from the popular MMORPG World Of Warcraft with only their voices. 

Even those who aren’t WOW players will appreciate the epic music.  


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Jan 062014
Video Game Theme Songs One Minute Mash Up

Musician Chad Neidt, most famous online for his one minute mash ups, turned to his nerdy side for his latest project

In just one minute, he quickly performs a medley of 16 famous video game theme songs, such as Halo, Pokemon, Mario of course, and more!


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Jan 032014
One Take 2013 Pop Music Medley

Scott Bradlee and the Post Modern Jukebox had one heck of a year. They covered countless pop songs in unique ways over the past twelve months and made constant viral headlines. 

To close the year right, they teamed up with Cosmo and performed one heck of a 2013 pop music mash up medley all in one take at Cosmopolitan’s NYC offices.


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Dec 242013
Home Alone The Song

Since debuting in the 90′s, Home Alone has become a modern Christmas classic. 

In honor of Christmas Eve, The Gregory Brothers, aka Schmoyoho, performed a special Home Alone song medley retelling the holiday tale to the tune of the memorable music from the film. 


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Dec 232013
Christmas Themed Pop Music Medley

There have already been countless pop music mash ups created to recap 2013.

Screen Team took the trend a step further by merging their pop music year in review with Christmas

Listen to all of your 2013 pop music favorites, such as Wrecking BallBlurred Lines, and more, with a Christmas twist.


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