Oct 072015
NASA Scientist Reviews The Martian

All science fiction is, well, fiction, but we love it because it is supposed to be in someway possible perhaps in the near future. By far, the most popular science fiction film of 2015 is The Martian, featuring Matt Damon. But how close did the studio get to making a realistic movie based in space and on Mars? BuzzFeed asked a real NASA scientist what he thought. 


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May 152014
The Moons Of Mars Explained

Mars has a moon? Yes, actually it has two moons, though they are extremely tiny and cute. They aren’t even that round as they are so small their gravity is too weak to properly round them off. Education channel Kurzgesagt explains all there is to know about the moons of Mars in this new video


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Nov 152013
Mars Evolution

NASA Goddard has gone viral with this stunning artist interpretation of what Mars might have looked like four billion years ago. 

At one point when the atmosphere was still thick and warm, scientists believe there was water on Mars– the most important ingredient for life.

In one day, the hypothetical computer animation has amassed over half a million views!


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Sep 142012

The mainstream focus surrounding the Mars Curiosity rover lasted a whole five minutes, but Internet nerds are still very much interested in the NASA made robot that landed on Mars on August 6th.  

Working frame-by-frame from the data made available from NASA,  spent four long weeks cleaning the original decent footage into this gorgeous, super clean video that has gone viral.

The day old video already has over 380,000 views, and is showcased on PCMag, Mashable, VideoSift, and WebProbNews.


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Aug 152012

Nerds around the world cheered when NASA successfully landed the Mars rover Curiosity on the Red Planet. To celebrate the scientific success,  made this very delayed NASA themed spoof of LMFAO’s now seemingly timeless single Sexy And I Know It that is just spot on, and is already featured by TheDailyWhat.


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