Feb 262013

CodeOrg is a nonprofit focused on getting more people, especially young, bright minds, into computer programming today. Their mantra is simple:

“We believe computer programming should be part of the core curriculum in education, alongside other science and math courses such as biology, chemistry and algebra.”

To help spread the word, the great computer minds of today–such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Chris Bosh (and Will I Am??? Seriously??)–star in this inspiring and nerdy short film, What Most Schools Don’t Teach.


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Jun 102012

Online artist  first went viral way back in January with her unique and creative over sized portrait of Yao Ming made using a basketball as a brush

Now, she is trending again with her Mark Zuckerberg Facebook portrait. In keeping with her creative style, she appropriately made the portrait out of… books. The video already has over 130,000 views, and is covered on NowMSN and YahooNews


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May 152012

Music video experimenters CDZA have made a name for themselves online after their first two publications went viral.

Now, in honor of Facebook finally going public, they have created this epic musical short in tribute to the Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2010 and creator of the world’s most successful social network, Mark Zuckerberg


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Sep 232011

Facebook just unveiled new updates for their users and developers at the latest Facebook F8 convention. Most of the news concerning the conference was about Facebook adding a new ticker, and changing user profiles to timelines. But most people missed out on the best part. Andy Sambger, most famous from SNL and The Lonely Island, gave a small skit impersonating the Facebook king, Mark Zuckerberg to start off the event.


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Jan 302011

While Jesse Eisenberg was giving his opening monologue on SNL, the real Mark Zuckerbeg make a surprise appearance. Jesse does  a great job being awkward giving his monologue, and is first joined by an Andy Samberg version of Mark Zuckerberg. Then the REAL Mark Zuckerberg shows up. Awkward party to the extreme. But since Zuckerberg’s character is to be awkward and nervous, he does a great job. It’s a Jewish party!

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