Jun 122014
Terrifyingly Realistic Uruk Hai Goes Grocery Shopping

Nerds will recall that the Uruk-hai are the monstrous orc creatures from the Lord of the Rings universe. For a makeup project, artist Rossanne Puck Aafjes turned Olivier Richters into a terrifying recreation of one of the beasts. Together, they went shopping in Amsterdam to shock the locals. 


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Sep 082013
Men Do Makeup With Michelle Phan

Make up gurus are huge on YouTube, and Michelle Phan is one of the top in the field. As a fun gag, three men of Mashable attempted to follow Phan’s instructions for smokey eye shadow. Already, the video has garnered over 400,000 hits over the weekend. 


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Jun 222013

How-to make up videos have grown from a couple make up gurus to one of the largest, and most popular genres on YouTube.

YouTuber Tadele Smith went viral last week with this hilarious feminist make up tutorial parody. Using the same style and flow of most gurus, she explains to her viewers how to put on the perfect make up to ‘give you the upper hand in defeating your male enemies.’

Even she admits she never expected her parody to become so popular, and never intended to offend anyone.

“It’s honestly not supposed to be serious or be taken seriously. It’s meant to play on some common misconceptions about feminism.”

In less than a week, she has accumulated over a quarter million views


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Aug 112012

Even as a man, Johnny Depp is known for wearing outrageous amounts of makeup to create his unique, one-of-a-kind characters. 

Makeup guru Tamang Phan is famous for her near perfect transformations online, and for her latest project, she took on Johnny Depp. Somehow, with some serious time and effort, she turned herself into Edward Scissor Hands, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Willy Wonka.

Her week old viral video already has over 290,000 hits, and over 25,000 likes


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Sep 142011

Most make up gurus on YouTube are fabulous, sparkling women who are make up experts. Madison is only five years old, but she can guru like the best of them. Here, she teaches us how to dress up as a sunflower for Halloween. The video is shared by MattStopera


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