Sep 262015
Lil Wayne And Conan Play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Video game companies love sports games because they can just tweak the concept a little each year and then sell a seemingly brand new game to die hard fans. It seems ever since the 90’s, Tony Hawk has been doing the same thing with skateboarding games. To promote the newest game in the series, rapper Lil Wayne and Conan O’Brien review Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 in this hilarious video


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Jan 312013

Many in the hip hop world will agree that the community still hasn’t gotten over the untimely passing of rapper Tupac Shakur. And undeniably, the music has suffered the most.

To prove this point, Juha Bach reposted this edited video from one of Tupac’s movies by marco polovision in which Pac cries after listening to Lil Wayne’s ‘music’ for the first time. In less than a week, the clip has collected over 1.3 million views


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Apr 122012

The famous Canadian rapper Drake is actually Jewish, and in his latest music video he has decided to reconnect to his Jewish roots, and get re-bar mitzva’ed. Parts of the music video, titled HYFR, are even recorded in the sanctuary of a Miami synagogue.

Naturally, not everyone is thrilled Lil’ Wayne and Drake are partying in shul.


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Jan 022012

Taking public transportation can be a lonely, sad experience. As an unspoken rule, people rarely talk to each other, almost to the point of ignoring everyone around them. To bring a little happiness, joy, and community to the trains, The Love Project planned a surprise flash mob of commuters on a packed subway train in LA. Out of nowhere, someone with a guitar started playing How To Love by Lil Wayne while supposed strangers started singing along. The smiles on people’s faces means they were successful. 


Thanks Britney!!

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Aug 172011

Anne Hathaway is a young, sweet actress, famous from movies like The Princess Diaries. She’s very talented, but the last thing you’d expect from her is an intense Lil’ Wayne style rap telling the paparazzi to back off. She went on Conan and rocked out, shocking the audience, and viewers at home. 


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