Jul 032014
Burger King Introduces Proud Whopper For Pride Day

Gay Pride is celebrated around the world at the end of June. One of the largest celebrations around the world is the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. In a rare move for a fast food company, BURGER KING joined in the celebration by introducing the Proud Whopper. What exactly is the Proud Whopper? You have to see to find out. 


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Jun 302014
Teens React To Jonah Hill Controversy

A month ago, Jonah Hill was in the news after being caught on camera yelling an expletive at a paparazzi. Jonah quickly made an appearance on The Tonight Show to apologize for his actions. The Fine Brothers thought this was a perfect opportunity to learn from, so they showed the footage to their group of reacting teenagers to see how teens today deal with such issues. 


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May 112014
Michael Sam Becomes Emotional After Being Drafted By The St. Louis Rams

Learning you have been drafted for the first time by any major sports team is one of the most important moments in an athlete’s life. Michael Sam was especially nervous during this year’s NFL draft as he is the first openly gay football star. But he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams yesterday, and understandably became quite emotional on the phone. Congrats!


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May 042014
Patrick Roche’s Poem ’21′ Will Give You Chills

This Button Poetry piece by Patrick Roche has exploded online. In less than two weeks his poem, titled 21, has amassed over 3 million views! Patrick counts down from 21 years old, the year his father passed, and powerfully explains how the mess he is in now all started. Goosebumps and tears are guaranteed.   


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May 022014
Ellen Page Takes To Ellen DeGeneres On Coming Out

Even in today’s much more accepting society, it is extremely difficult to come out as a member of the LGBT community. Last February, actress Ellen Page went viral after she announced she was gay at a Human Rights Campaign conference. That video stands with over 4.6 million views!

Now that the dust has settled, Ellen Page went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her powerful coming out speech


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