Apr 272016
Epic Lego Train Track Will Take You For A Ride

As their name implies, TrainGuy 659 specializes in all things trains. Even though this video features video taken from a toy train, it’s arguably more entertaining because of the miniature perspective.  

Now, this 4 month old video has gone viral with over half a million new views! Ready for a ride? 


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Apr 142016
Dropping An iPhone 6S From 100 Feet In A Lego Phone Case

Smartphone cases have become a must have accessory if you want to keep your investment safe from scratching or breaking. Techy TechRax got to thinking: How would a homemade smartphone case made out of just Legos do in a pressure test? So he made a perfect iPhone 6S case with Legos and dropped it 100 feet. The results might surprise you. 


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Apr 052016
Crushing Legos With Hydraulic Press

Sure, Legos are fun and all. But it’s basically impossible to find a parent who has never stepped on a tiny Lego piece in the middle of the night while barefoot. And in that moment, every parent wants to do exactly this with that darn cube of sharp plastic. Smash it with a Hydraulic Press until it’s a plastic pancake. That’ll teach ya!

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Mar 282016
Turning Anything Into Legos

One of the most famous toys in the world is Legos. Nearly every child, no matter the culture or nationality, grew up playing with Legos. What if you had the magic power to turn anything and everything into Legos? The special effects nerds at Corridor Digital bring the fantasy of endless Legos to life in this short film. 


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Mar 232016
The Force Awakens In Lego

What was once simply a fun gag has become its own genre. After the success of Lego video games and the Lego movie, it’s officially become a standing category. So it’s no surprise the movie nerds of How It Should Have Ended had a little fun with The Force Awakens story in this viral Lego short film. 


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