Apr 152013

This video by Rosco731 is over five years old, but has only exploded online over the weekend after appearing on Reddit. Now, it has quickly amassed over one million views, and has spread across the web, being featured by UpRoxx, HuffPost, TheAwesomer, and AndPop

In the short clip, a man demonstrates to the camera his disturbing ability of laughing without smiling. As some viewers, such as Edward Nyari, have pointed out, “Without knowing the title this is just a guy being really confused as someone else laughs at him.” 


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Mar 272013

Cr8zypancakes‘ daughter takes after her screen name. Namely the ‘crazy’ part. She loves to ‘walk the dog,’ but has a much different understanding of what that means. 

To her that means dropping the leash, and laughing hysterically as the dog walks away dragging the leash in the dust. Some of us just have different senses of humor… 

The cute kid video was just posted yesterday, and already it has accumulated over 600,000 hits.


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Mar 062013

Remember the viralviral Invisible Driver At The Drive-Thru prank that hit the web in January? That video by prankster-magician Rahat stands with over 30 million hits! And he isn’t done with his clever disguise yet. 

This time, he ordered from the drive-thru at multiple fast food restaurants, and put a scary looking doll in the driver seat while he hid under his fake seat disguise. 

Surprisingly, most of the workers realize it’s a prank, and laugh along with the joke. One employee even says, “Am I on camera?” 

But the best reaction was when one manager told her subordinate to literally throw the bag of food into the car. When the Rahat picked up the doll, it took a direct hit from the flying sack lunch.


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Oct 222012

In the US, scooter shopping carts have become the norm. Feeling a little winded from your double super sized fast food burger meal? Then just hop into a complimentary motorized cart to do your junk food shopping at Walmart.

And that must be where these Polish giggling teenagers got the idea to drive their car through the mall. Their relatively tiny European car fits easily through the motion sensing doors, so they just cruise on in, shock a security guard or two, and then zoom right out laughing harder than ever. 


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Aug 132012

Editing master  first went viral with his ‘Saying The Movie Title In The Actual Movie Compilation‘ that now stands with over 650,000 hits. 

Now, his supercut of the ‘100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs‘ is trending, and is featured on HuffPostMarySue, and MSNnow

How much of the video can you watch before you start to lose your mind?


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