Apr 122012

Anderson Cooper is one of CNN‘s most popular hosts for his honest, serious journalism, and for his fun, youthful flip side. And the fun side of his really crept out during his RidicuList report on Dyngus Day

After the pre-recorded report ended with ‘Pussy willow’ at the 1:30 minute mark, Anderson completely lost it. At first, he tried his best to hold in a few giggles, but they soon poured out in adorable laughter. Under a fit of giggles, he even says referring to his laugh attack, ‘This is so stupid.’



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Mar 172012

There are countless horror stories as a result of a bad surgery, so this story is a breath of fresh air. After knee surgery, this Dutch man experiences uncontrollable laughter. Of all the horrible side effects possible, laughter isn’t the worst. The video has erupted with more than 100,000 in two days, and is featured on BlameItOnTheVoices and TheDailyWhat.  


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Mar 142012

Even as an adult, bubbles can only be described as magical. But most people probably don’t remember the first time they experienced the enchanting floating orbs. Lucky for 12 month old Lennon, parents  caught his amazed reaction on camera for all of us to enjoy.


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Feb 262012

In this video, Aussie cover band  performs a very special and unique mash up cover of One Direction and Justin Bieber. They ‘sang’ What Makes You Beautiful and Baby with just laughter. As in only with ‘haha’s and ‘hoho’s. Somehow, they pull it off beautifully. 


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