Feb 262012

Reactions to drugs before and after surgery has always been a popular theme online. The most famous of course is David After Dentist. Now this amazing anesthesia reaction video from October just went viral after being featured on Reddit.

 says his brother broke his arm playing hockey, and was administered serious anesthesia while the doctors worked on his armed. Tyler’s reaction to the drugs is just stupendous. Even the doctors and nurses are surprised by his laughing fit. 


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Jan 172012

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are both great actors on opposite spectrums, so it’s only fitting for the two to work together. In this takeout scene from their new movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt can’t control his laughter for three very long, and very funny minutes. The more Jonah tries to help him not laugh, the more he does. The video is featured on NYMag


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Dec 162011

They say laughter is contagious, and one can really see the truth in that on this Berlin train. Two women start laughing at something on their phones and soon the entire car is rolling over in giggles. The video is featured on Telegraph and TheDailyWhat, and has been awarded the bronze YouTube medal for Trending. 


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Nov 172011

Some kids are just born evil. They can’t help it. Like this adorable toddler playing with her toy car. She purposefully knocks it onto the floor, and after reviewing her actions, she lifts up her two fists and lets out an evil scientist laugh.  


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