Apr 182014
$20 On A Fishing Line Prank

This latest gag by prankster Andrew Hales of LAHWF may seem inspired by cartoons, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Andrew and his buddies put a nice $20 bill on a fishing line and went fishing for money hungry passersby in downtown. It wasn’t difficult to get a ‘catch’ who would chase the bill as Andrew reeled them in. 


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Nov 212013
Paying For People’s Groceries

In honor of Thanksgiving, Andrew Hales of LAHWF ditched the goofy pranks and social experiments that he is so famous for to give back. 

He teamed up with GungHo who sponsored the video to pay for random people’s groceries.

Naturally, all the ‘winners’ of free groceries were very excited and emotional. 


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Nov 112013
Powerful Interviews With Homeless People In Atlanta End With $200

After pulling off some shinanegans in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films decided to get serious and do some good.  

They found a few homeless people on the streets, and interviewed them about their lives and struggles. 

After hearing their powerful stories, they gave each $200 cash to give them an emotional and uplifting boost. 


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Nov 112013
Littering In Front of People Social Experiment

Andrew Hales of LAHWF teamed up with Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films for this latest social experiment

During a large running event in Atlanta, the pranksters littered right in front of passersby to test their reactions. Sometimes they dropped trash casually, and sometimes they threw it down to seemingly make a statement. 

Will people stop the litterbugs or let them turn their city into a dump? 


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Oct 282013
Pretending To Be Macklemore Prank

Any fan of Andrew Hales of the popular LAHWF YouTube channel knows how similar he looks to Macklemore.

So in honor of Halloween, Andrew dressed up as Macklemore and hit up the Maverik Center in Utah where the Can’t Hold Us star was performing. 

As the web has seen before, you need an entourage to pull of any successful celebrity fake-out prank, and Andrew was well equipped with his friends from ATD Movement.

Not only did they get a slew of kids to surround Andrew asking for pics, but they even made it past security!


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