May 222013

It’s taken almost nine years, but the new XBox has just been unveiled, not as the 1080 as many fans speculated, but simply as the XBox One. 

Besides for a new Kinect sensor and controller, gamers can expect Microsoft’s fourth generation console to be a truly all-in-one entertainment machine, with live TV, Skype, social networking, and more. 

The unveiling video of the new console has instantly gone viral, amassing over 1.5 million views in one day. 


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May 212012

The mouse has been around for decades since computers became more mainstream in the 70’s. Since then, there have been many variants and newer technologies, such as inferred and wireless, but the mouse design has stayed the same. 

Now,  has just introduced a revolutionary device that will allow you to interact with your computer like never before. The concept seems similar to that of Kinect, with complex and accurate sensors that can ‘read’ every hand gesture.

Read more on GeekoSystem


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May 072012

The UC Davis W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences equipped a sandbox with a 3D Kinect camera and a projector.

Once the system was fully operational, the sandbox came to life with real time augmented reality, and even has a ‘flowing water’ feature. The video is featured on YouTubeTrends, Mashable, and EnGadget


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Feb 292012

Microsoft’s Kinect camera system may have revolutionized the video game world, but that’s just the beginning. Scientist and inventors have plans to use the advance technology for a slew of new innovations.

The latest is a grocery cart outfitted with a Kinect computer system. One day, our shopping carts may follow us around, keep tabs of our shopping list, and even check us out, all via computers taking advantage of the Kinect system. Read more on JoyStiq and PCMag


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Jan 042012

After much sweat and toil,  has finally unveiled his complete project. Using a Microsoft Kinect, a Nintendo Wii, a treadmill, and computers, he created a quasi virtual reality remote control robot avatar. To test his project, he successfully brushes a kitty in another room with only virtual reality control.  


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