Apr 152013

Bighdeluxe published this video back in September, but it has recently resurfaced over the weekend after the star of the video, Havard Rugland, was actually picked up by the NFL to play for the Detroit Lions.

Obviously, the Internet has become much more than just a fun place to post your sports videos. It has become a serious form of a digital resume. 

Like so many other trick shot videos before, Havard Rugland performs impressive placekicker football-themed kicks and maneuvers, such as scoring a 60 yard field-goal as if it were a walk in the park. 

Now, the Kickalicious video stands with over 3.9 million views, and has recently been featured by Breitbart, YahooMashable, and NFL


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Jan 182012

This Muay Thai martial artist shows off his amazing skills by destroying a banana tree. He doesn’t just kick it a little. He literally crushes it to smithereens. All in under a minute with just his feet. Read more on Mirror via TheDailyWhat


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Dec 082011

 featured this video of Carlos Vela of the Spanish football team Real Sociedad performing an epic bicycle kick goal against Malaga. His technique is straight out of the sweet soccer movies handbook. 


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Oct 062011

Austin Pacheco, a high school senior from Carson City, Nevada made headlines after kicking a 64 yard field goal. It’s even more amazing when you realize the record field goal kick in the NFL is 63 yards. This kid has a very bright future ahead of him. The video is featured on DeadSpin


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