Jun 052015
NBA Stars Read Mean Tweets, Again

This never gets old. After having celebrities read mean tweets found on the world’s most popular micro-blogging site countless times before, Jimmy Kimmel has found a new avenue for his Mean Tweets series. For the third hilarious time, he asked current and former famous NBA stars to read mean posts on Twitter. 


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May 212015
Jimmy Kimmel Bids Farewell To David Letterman

Every late night host is saying goodbye to David Letterman in their own way. What many fans of Jimmy Kimmel Live may not realize is that David Letterman had a huge impact on Jimmy’s life. Even as a youngster, his mom made him a Late Night birthday cake. On his first car, his license plate read “L8 NITE.” Jimmy Kimmel might not have become a late night host himself it it wasn’t for David Letterman. 


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May 092015
Kimmel Asks Kids “Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad

While the country spends $21 billion on Mother’s Day gifts, we only spend $12.5 billion on presents for Father’s Day. To test the theory that people really love their mothers more than their fathers, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to the streets to ask kids who they love more, mom or dad. The results of this ‘scientific’ poll might surprise you, and will definitely make you smile. 


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Apr 222015
John Stamos Announces Full House Is Coming Back On Netflix

Everyone’s favorite uncle, Uncle Jesse, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live with some very exciting news. John Stamos announced that Netflix is creating a new Full House series with many of the original cast members. Naturally, the Internet was very excited to hear this news and this video has instantly gone viral.   


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Apr 142015
The Avengers Cast Plays Family Feud On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel hosted a very special version of the popular TV game show Family Feud on his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live. In honor of the upcoming superhero sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jimmy gathered the cast from The Avengers and pit them against each other in an epic game of Family Feud


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