Feb 212014
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He Was Behind ‘Wolf In Hotel Hallway’ Viral Video

Can you believe it?

Jimmy Kimmel has again pranked the news media!

Many will remember when he revealed he was the one behind the famous twerking girl who accidentally caught fire viral video. That fake video managed to amass over 15 million views.

The media was stunned that Jimmy pulled such a fast one on them. 

Now, after already garnering over two million views, Jimmy has affirmed that he was the one who teamed up with Olympian Kate Hansen to post the fake video of a wolf purportedly in a hotel hallway in Sochi. 

You can’t believe anything online anymore! 


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Feb 072014
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Part 6

Will Jimmy Kimmel‘s popular Mean Tweets series ever get old? 

Apparently not.

This is his sixth episode in the favorite set in which he enlists famous Hollywood faces to read mean Tweets about themselves with sad music playing in the background. 


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Feb 012014
Jimmy Kimmel Sums Up All Of Super Bowl Commercials In One Ad

The Super Bowl has become nearly as commercialized as Christmas. Countless people watch the game in anticipation for the commercials instead of the actual game play.

Jimmy Kimmel sums up basically all of the expected Super Bowl commercials in this one hilarious ad compilation.

Car! Car! Beer! Movie! Car! I don’t know what that is! 


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Jan 312014
Jimmy Kimmel And Alison Brie Romantically Read Craigslist Missed Connections

The Missed Connections section on Craigslist is an Internet gold mine of crazy, romantic, and wtf stories and posts. 

Jimmy Kimmel decided to read a couple real Missed Connections posts with his guest Alison Brie with a romantic saxophone playing in the background. 

It’s time for lovin’. 


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Jan 312014
People Lie About Watching The State Of The Union

Jimmy Kimmel has once again demonstrated that Americans will lie about anything to get on television

A day before President Barack Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address, Jimmy sent his crew to the Hollywood Blvd asking pedestrians what they thought of the annual speech. Before it was ever given. 

Naturally, his crew had no trouble finding countless people ready to give their opinion on a speech that hadn’t occurred yet. 


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