Dec 162015
John Krasinski And Jimmy Kimmel’s 2015 Christmas Prank War

Fans of Jimmy Kimmel know very well that he is good friends in real life with John Krasinski, who is famous for playing Jim on The Office. For years now, the two have had an on going prank war every Christmas. 

This year’s prank battles are better than ever. 


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Dec 012015
Donald Trump Sayings “Peanuts” Will Slowly Make You Insane

After speaking so much, many politicians begin to get stuck on a few words. President Obama loves saying ‘folks.’ George Bush often mispronounced ‘Nuclear.’ And now Jimmy Kimmel has realized what Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump’s favorite word is. Peanuts. After hearing him say it a couple times, it’ll mess with your head. 


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Nov 092015
Kids Talk About A Woman President

More and more people are talking about a female president now that Hillary is one of the top contenders to be the Democratic presidential nominee for the 2016 election. But what do kids think of America having a woman as president? Jimmy Kimmel decided to sit down with two boys and two girls to see how they feel about Hillary Clinton being president. 

“She might paint the White House pink.”


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Nov 052015
Country Music Star Read Mean Tweets

Most people think that pop music is the most popular music. But country music has millions and millions of fans. After having athletes, movies stars, and pop singers read mean tweets on his late night program, Jimmy Kimmel invited country music stars like Brad Paisley, Thomas Rhett, and many others to read the mean tweets people post online. 


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Nov 042015
Jimmy Kimmel Helps Prank Writer’s Roommate Who Believes In Ghosts

Most adults know that ghosts and demons aren’t real. But Jimmy Kimmel has a writer whose roommate really believes in ghosts. Like for real. So in honor of Halloween, Jimmy and Jack decided to bring Mitch’s nightmare to life by having spirits and ghosts come to life in the apartment with the help of people hiding in the floors. Naturally, Mitch totally freaks out. 


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