Sep 112012

Impressionist  finally reveals the big secret to performing good impressions. It’s all about your state of mind. You have to feel like you are Robert DeNiro to pull off that voice.

And what better way to express impressions advice than by speaking in a whole slew of famous voices and characters?


Thanks Jim! You are viral enough.

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Jun 162012

At a recent gig, impressionist Jim Meskimen did his best Morgan Freeman voice for the audience. That’s great and all, but plenty of people can imitate the famous actor’s voice. 

Ah, but can they read haikus as Morgan Freeman that hypothetically could have been authored by the man himself? 


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Dec 062011

Celebrity impressionist Jim Meskimen got in the holiday spirit by performing a very special version of Twas The Night Before Christmas. Every passage is read in a different celebrity impersonated voice, making this “A Visit From St. Nicholas” very special. The video is shared by JPMoore


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Oct 172011

Famous actor and impressionist, Jim Meskimen, shows off his impersonation skills by going through the entire Alphabet of impressions. He starts off with Arnold Schwarzenegger, for A, of course, and somehow impersonates a famous actor all the way to Z. The video is shared by JimRossM


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