Jun 152016
Drinking A Cup Of Water In A Fighter Jet

Gravity is a funny thing. Just when you thought you fully understood the seemingly simple concept of physics, it proves you wrong. Watch what happens when a fighter jet pilot pours himself a cup of water and takes a swig, all while spinning and flying super fast. 


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Dec 142015
Commercial A350 Flight Leaving USA Aborts At Last Minute Of Takeoff

It’s always a good feeling when the flight you’ve been waiting for finally begins to move. At last, takeoff is about to start and trip will begin. That good feeling ended very quickly for the passengers of an A350 jetliner leaving JFK airport in New York City. After hitting speeds of 100 mph, the plane suddenly aborted takeoff. Apparently, the computers on the plane calculated that the runway was too short and applied the brakes automatically. Thankfully, no one was hurt and a much worse disaster was averted. 


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Dec 072015
Man Lives In Decommissioned Jumbo Jet

Kids often dream about what it would be like to live in a tree house or underwater. Bruce Campbell is lucky enough to live out his childhood fantasy. He lives in a decommissioned Boeing 727 jumbo jet. It makes perfect sense as the jet fuselage is very large, weather resistant, and was going to be shredded anyways. Why not move it? 


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Nov 052015
Jetman Flies Next To Airbus Jumbojet

Just when you thought 2015 was a technological let down compared to the 2015 imagined by Back To The Future, XDubai has stepped forward to demonstrate just how awesome our present reality really is. Just watch as Swiss pilot and daredevil Yves Rossy, AKA Jetman, flies with just a jetpack and a small wing next to a gigantic Emirates Airbus A380 cruising over the desert. Stunning. 


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Jul 272015
Jumbo Jet Being Tossed Around In The Wind During Landing Is Terrifying

Travel and airplane enthusiast 17splinter captured a scary moment at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During a severe wind storm, a brave pilot of a jumbo KLM B777 jet decided to go ahead with the landing. The plane was literally tossed around like a paper airplane. Thankfully, the pilot successfully landed. Phew! This video has gone viral with over 4 million hits!


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