Aug 262013

Last year, the sporting world was slammed upside the head by Linsanity. No one expected a no name Asian-American to not only make it to the NBA, but also to become one of the most famous players of the year. 

As expected these days, the Hollywood movie of Jeremy Lin is already set for release this October 4th. 


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Aug 162013

It’s been a year since Jeremy Lin-sanity took over the NBA last year as the rookie of the year. As a fun way to start off the new season, Jeremy Lin and other YouTubers star in this comedy sketch on how all the fame has gone to Jeremy’s head. You’ve Changed Bro


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Oct 082012

 was one of the original vloggers to ever hit the front page of YouTube. After become Internet famous, he and his dad–who has become almost more popular than Kevin–were even on the Amazing Race

Kevin often publishes popular hits, but his latest video, which includes popular Knicks rookie Jeremy Lin, has instantly gone viralviral. Papa Jumba may like Jeremy a little more than Kevin. Just a little more. 

The new video already has over 900,000 views, and is further covered on YouTubeTrends, NowMSN, and YardBarker


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Jul 202012

Just as quickly as Lin-Sanity exploded onto the pop culture stage has Jeremy Lin stepped over the side lines. The New York Knicks rookie was just traded to the Houston Rockets, so sports obsessed NOC made this Jeremy Lin-themed parody of the Gotye hit Somebody That I Used To Know that has garnered a quarter million views in just two days. 

The music video is featured on Time, Mashable, and YouTubeTrends


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May 012012

The hype surrounding Jeremy Lin, a la Lin-Sanity, may have died down a bit in the media, but that doesn’t mean his true fans from the streets of NYC are any less obsessed.

Graduating students at Stuyvesant High School on the lower tip of Manhattan were lucky enough to have the famous NBA rookie make them a special video message for their graduation.

The new video message already has over 175,000 views, and is featured on TheDailyWhat, NYMag, SportsGrid, and HuffingtonPost


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