Aug 062015
Isaiah And Terry Face Off In Old Spice Commercial

It can be argued that fragrance company Old Spice was one of the first companies to master the art of a true grassroots viral commercial with their The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ad in 2010. That commercial currently stands with over 50 million views! After a long hiatus, Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews have returned to face off in a new epic Old Spice ad


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Dec 062011

Internet favorite Isaiah Mustafa returns to Old Spice for a holiday themed ad campaign. Instead of being the man you wished your man smelled like, Isaiah is now MANta Claus. His mission is to give everyone a holiday gift, and started with the lucky @BeautyJunkies. Check out the entire campaign here


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Jul 252011

Fabio has been crowned the new Old Spice guy. Fabio mocks the classic Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice commercials and challenges him to a duel. 9AM. On the Internet. Duel!



Isaiah Mustafa answers Fabio’s request and accepts his challenge. 


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