Dec 062011

Internet favorite Isaiah Mustafa returns to Old Spice for a holiday themed ad campaign. Instead of being the man you wished your man smelled like, Isaiah is now MANta Claus. His mission is to give everyone a holiday gift, and started with the lucky @BeautyJunkies. Check out the entire campaign here


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Jul 252011

Fabio has been crowned the new Old Spice guy. Fabio mocks the classic Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice commercials and challenges him to a duel. 9AM. On the Internet. Duel!



Isaiah Mustafa answers Fabio’s request and accepts his challenge. 


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Mar 052011

The amount of spoofs and parodies of the Old Spice viral sensation I’m On A Boat commercial are endless. Most are not that good. For his Biggest Loser casting tape, romeomgm made a great spoof of Isaiah Mustafa’s commercial. I really hope he gets on the show.

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