Jun 262014
Game Of Thrones Intro If It Came Out In The 1980′s

Most Game of Thrones fans have fond memories of the 1980′s. Back then, there was no Netflix or HBO On Demand. If you wanted to watch a TV show after it aired you had to record it on your VHS yourself or pray it was available at the video rental store. Mikolaj.Birek was inspired to re-imagine what the famous intro for Game of Thrones would look like if it came out on VHS in the 1980′s. Naturally, this spoof has quickly gone viral!


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Jun 202014
Game Of Thrones Brady Bunch Intro Parody

The intro for Game of Thrones is just awesome. But it doesn’t really offer any information on the show. That’s why super nerd Wil Wheaton created this much more explanatory intro for the show inspired by the Brady Bunch. The video has instantly gone viral with over 400,000 hits


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May 132014
Super Mario Game Of Thrones Intro

What if the Game of Thrones story took place in the Mushroom Kingdom of Super Mario World instead of the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos? The popular introduction might look and sound like this nerdy adaptation by gamer Nicksplosion.


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May 092014
The Game Of Life Simpson’s Couch Gag

If Homer Simpson played the popular board game Life he would definitely not win. As is depicted in this entertaining Simpson’s ‘Couch Gag’ intro based on the game of Life, Homer would skip college, gets stuck with a bunch of unexpected kids, and descend into bad habits.   


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Apr 242014
Inside Homer’s Body Simpsons Couch Gag Intro By Michael Socha

The Simpsons has been on TV for so long, Matt Groening will often give other artists, directors, and stars a chance to recreate the famous intro for the animated sitcom. 

This latest couch gag, which takes the Simpsons family through Homer’s body, was directed by Michael Socha.


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