Mar 252015
If The Internet Was a High School

Just a decade ago, the Internet was still going through a growing phase. But now it seems the Web has finally graduated to high school. Speaking of which, what would the Internet look like if it was a high school? Cracked perfectly demonstrates what our favorite websites would look like if they all went to high school together in this hilarious new viral sketch. Naturally, Google is the class teacher, Facebook is the most popular jock who is dating the cheerleader Buzzfeed, and MySpace is nowhere to be found. 


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Mar 132015
President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

Celebrities reading mean tweets has been one of Jimmy Kimmel‘s most popular segments. Countless episodes of ‘mean tweets’ has gone viral, featuring sports stars, actors, and singers. But Jimmy will have to close the series after debuting this most epic of all episodes. 

As President Barack Obama was visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live, Obama made his very own mean tweets episode. It’s no surprise this video has instantly gone viral! Of course, Obama didn’t read any really mean tweets as those would no doubt not be safe for television. 


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Mar 102015
This Video Will Make You Angry

Popular Internet nerd and educator CGP Grey explains how ideas and thoughts spread from person to person in the same way germs spread. By reading or hearing a new idea, you have been ‘infected’ with a new idea.

And if you like the new thought you may very well spread it to your friends. 

With the Internet, this phenomenon is greatly amplified. This is all good and fun when we’re talking about cat memes. But when angry and negative ideas spread online things go downhill quickly. 


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Mar 102015
Nerds Somehow Play Netflix On Regular Old Nintendo System

Most people don’t know, but the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo were made to do much more than just play video games. Decades since the NES originally debuted, the nerds at Netflix Open Source have figured out how to use a regular old unmodified Nintendo to sign onto Netflix online and even watch a very crude version of streaming video. You’ve never seen House of Cards like this. 


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Mar 032015
Unskippable Geico Commercial Is Genius

Insurance company GEICO has been famous for decades now for their unique and creative commercials. They have hit another home run with this latest online ad. Many ads on YouTube and other video services give you the chance to skip it after five seconds.

But this commercial is so short, it’s over before you have the chance to even skip it. The rest of the video simply shows a family frozen at the dinner table as the family dog eats their food. 


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