Apr 262016
The Internet is Down

Today, nearly all of us take it for granted and depend on it like electricity or water. What are we talking about? The Internet of course! We all know that horrible feeling when we realize the Internet is down, even if it only lasts for a few minutes. 

AVbyte expresses that feelings perfectly in this new musical. 


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Apr 142016
Why Is This Trending On Twitter

If you’ve ever visited Twitter, you’ve noticed that there are a lot of strange things trending. Unless you live online, it’s difficult to stay on top of all the silly trends and memes. College Humor pokes fun at trends on Twitter in this fake game show. 


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Apr 072016
Evolution Of Dance 3

One of the first viral videos to ever hit YouTube was the Evolution of Dance. The catchy clip now stands with over 236 million hits! In honor of the ten year anniversary of the viral video, the original dancer and comedian Judson Laipply made this brand new sequel, The Evolution Of Dance 3


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Apr 012016
Experience YouTube in #SnoopaVision

As you might have noticed, there is a new feature on YouTube available on specific videos that lets you click and drag to look around in 360 degrees. In honor of April Fools, YouTube Spotlight teamed up with none other than Snoop Dogg himself to debut their latest product, #SnoopaVision which lets viewers watch Snoop watch viral YouTube videos in 360 degrees. 


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Mar 292016
If Social Media Was A Cable News Channel

Social media has changed the way we all consume media. It used to be the only way to get the news at any time was on the select few cable news channels. But now with the Internet and social media, you can get up to the minute news at any time. 

That got Cracked thinking. What would a cable news channel look like if the reporters and analysts were all famous social media websites, like Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, and more?


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