Aug 052014
Major Websites Don’t Know Your Password

It may come as a surprise, but YouTube doesn’t know your password. Facebook, Google, Twitter, none of them do. No decent website knows your password. It’s safer, that way a rouge employee or hacker can’t access your passcode. So how do the world’s most famous websites know when you sign in correctly? Super nerd Tom Scott explains in this new video


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Aug 042014
John Oliver On Native Advertising

There’s a dangerous trend on the Internet. More and more news agencies are blending commercials into their content. Buzzfeed started the trend by promoting ‘sponsored’ nonsense lists, but now serious news outlets are following. John Oliver covers this new phenomenon on his HBO late night show. 


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Jul 302014
Every Upworthy Video Ever

UpWorthy has taken over Facebook using emotional lures that seem to never fail. How can viewers not share a video of a boy who overcame illness and bullying? But after a while, the overused tricks don’t seem to have the same effect. Cracked mocks the UpWorthy viral formula in this video, Every Upworthy Video Ever


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Jul 292014
Successful YouTuber Surprises Parents, Pays Off Their Mortgage

For most parents, the mortgage on the house weighs on their shoulders for nearly their entire lives. When he was growing up Timothy ‘DeLaGhetto’ saw how hard his parents worked, and promised them he would pay off the house when he was one day successful. 

Well, now Tim is a successful and famous YouTuber withe over 2.5 million dedicated fans! He’s been saving for a while, and finally was able to surprise his parents with a check. Take a break mom and dad. There’s no way this video won’t make you smile!


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Jul 202014
Too Legit To Quit Super Selfie

Regular selfies are old and boring already. Super selfies are much better. What exactly is a super selfie? If you recall, dancer Gabriel Valenciano invented the super selfie, a quick cut dance in front of a camera that puts the normal selfie to shame, back in 2013.

Finally, he has returned with a new super selfie dance which he made with the dancers from The Manoeuvres. Legit! 


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