Feb 202015
Celebrities Star In Ingrid Michaelson’s New Music Video ‘Time Machine’

Indie pop star Ingrid Michaelson is trending after debuting her latest music video for her single Time Machine. What makes her new video so special is that it was published by Rainn Wilson’s YouTube channel Soul Pancake. The Internet is loving that the video features Rainn and slew of other famous faces, such as Matt Jones, Jorge Garcia, Rob Delaney, and more!  


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Apr 242012

Singer  teamed up with Dylan Steinberg and Chris Kuffner to form ARMY of 3. In the first of the series, Ingrid sings an amazing one woman a cappella cover of Rihanna’s hit single We Found Love.

All vocals and sounds are completely done by Ingrid. Michaelson Dylan Steinberg and Chris Kuffner cut it up and did all the editing and video work.  


Thanks Rebecca!

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