Oct 302015
Real Life First Person Shooter On Chatroulette: Level 2

Two months ago, RealmPictures instantly went viral when they published this creative video featuring a real life person shooter video in which Chatroulette users acted as the players. The unique idea was an instant hit and now stands with over 8.5 million views! Now, they are back with an even better dose that they are calling level 2


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Oct 242015
Grandparents Recreate UP In Real Life

Most people who turned on the popular Pixar animated film UP never expected to become teary eyed so quickly. But that’s exactly what happened when we saw the romantic story unfold. Jason Lyle Black‘s grandparents have been together for most of their lives. In honor of their anniversary, the two 80 year old recreated the iconic music from UP on the piano together. This emotional video has gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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Aug 242015
Mario Kart Skateboarding In Real Life

The Mario Kart games are some of the most popular to play with friends. The newest games now feature airplanes and even boats. But what about skateboarding Mario Kart? Special effects studio Corridor Digital imagined just that in this new short film. 


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Aug 152015
Deer And Bunny Playing Together Is A Real Life Scene From Bambi

People who were raised on Disney movies can’t help but see Disney magic everywhere they look. So it was no surprise the Internet immediately thought of the Disney classic Bambi when this video of a baby deer and bunny rabbit playing together was posted online by YMCA of the Rockies. The cuteness is too much!


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Jul 262015
Youtube Complaints 2015

There’s no doubt that one of the most popular websites in the entire world is YouTube. You can find nearly everything on the largest video streaming site, from hilarious comedy sketches, to news, to educational videos. But now that YouTube has become so prevent, viewers and content creators are finding more and more things to complain about. After covering it before, Barely Productions is back with another hilarious episode of their annual YouTube complaints in real life. 


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