Jan 282015
How To Make A Homemade Laser Guided Blowgun

Grant Thompson, aka The King of Random, is well known online for his impressive do-it-yourself projects. For his latest venture, he demonstrates how to make a sweet homemade blowgun for just a few bucks. If you’re really serious, you can even add a laser sight. 


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Jan 222015
McDonald’s Reveals How They Make Their Famous French Fries

McDonald’s is famous around the world for their french fries. Across the globe, McD’s has a varying menu, but nearly every single one still has their classic fries. In this new Internet age, the popular red and yellow hamburger restaurant is trying to connect with customers more and be more transparent. Finally, McDonald’s reveals how they make their famous fries in this new trending video

So does this change your opinion of McD’s or you’re still suspicious? 


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Jan 212015
How To Make Home Made Cold And Flu Drops

There’s nothing worse than being sick with a bad flu or cold. Sometimes you just don’t want to take all those chemicals to treat the pain that you find at the pharmacy. Thankfully, Dave Hax demonstrates how to make homemade cold and flu cough drops that are made from common ingredients found at home and don’t contain any strange chemicals. They taste great and really help!


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Jan 132015
How to Fold A Fitted Sheet

Everyone who does their first load of laundry quickly realizes how difficult it is to fold the fitted sheet of bed linens. How in the world do you do it with those fitted corners? It seems impossible. Thankfully, Living On A Dime explains the secret to fold a fitted sheet in this video from 2009. The clip has gone viral over the past year, and stands with over 9 million hits!


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Dec 202014
Candy Canes Made By Hand Will Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

Confection company Lofty Pursuits posted this video two holiday seasons ago, but it is trending again now. The candy master in the clip demonstrates classical Victorian techniques of hand making candy canes. These look so much better than the store bought ones. 


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