Jun 202015
Man Builds A Primitive Hut Using Only Naturally Occurring Materials

Primitive Technology is a relatively new YouTube channel hosted by a man seemingly lost in time. In this viral video, he demonstrates how to build a primitive hut made out of sticks and clay using only naturally occurring materials. Even his tools are found in nature, such as his ax made from stone, and the fire he started using just sticks and brush. It’s not a short video, but his building progress is mesmerizing.


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Jun 192015
How To Make A Tiny Motorboat From A Juice Carton

Now that the kids are out of school they will most likely sit inside on the computer all day like the rest of us adults. But if you’re interested in at least trying to get the kids outside this summer, here’s a very cool and simple arts and crafts project to make a tiny toy motorboat using an old drink carton and a handheld fan by Dave Hax. It’s actually kind of surprising how well it works. 


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Jun 102015
Man Demonstrates His Ingenious Wood Chop Trick With Tire

Chopping wood is already difficult enough, but when the log flies every time you strike, it can make the process even more grueling. But Brad has a trick that makes chopping wood a piece of cake. Simply place the wood inside of an old tire and chop away. This way the log stays put and you can easily chop it into small pieces. This video has gone viral with over 600,000 views!


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May 272015
How To Make A Vacuum Suspended Fish Tank

An aquarium with fish makes for a nice decoration in the home or office, but it can be pretty dull compared with other pets. Life hacker Night Hawk In Light explains how to make your fish tank a little bit more exciting by adding a suspended glass extension onto the the aquarium that apparently goes against the laws of gravity. 


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May 272015
How To Make Lego Gummy Candy

Now that school is ending, parents will be scrambling to keep their kids occupied with fun activities. Grant Thompson shows viewers a great project to do with any age kid. He demonstrates how to easily make stackable and snackable Lego shaped gummy candies with only a few ingredients. So easy and so cool! 


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