May 062016
Girl Explains How To Make Up Star Wars Names

Over the decades, Star Wars went from a nerdy movie to a worldwide phenomenon. Viewers just love the magical science-fantasy world George Lucas created. Fans especially the characters.

Jenny Nicholson is a huge fan, and explains how the creators of Star Wars come up with those unique, unforgettable names. 


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Apr 222016
Grandma Demonstrates How To Get Into A Small Dinghy Boat

Have you ever gone boating on a small craft and decided to go swimming or even accidentally fell into the water. It sounds like an easy task, but getting back into the boat can be a huge strain. 

Thankfully, this older woman knows the trick! To get back into a dinghy from the water you have to do it backwards. Genius! This clip from January has only gone viral now with over 400,000 new views!


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Mar 232016
Man Makes Traditional Bow And Arrow Using Only Natural Tools

The bow and arrow is arguably the first projectile weapon man ever invented. As he specializes in archaic technology, Primitive Technology has returned to YouTube to demonstrate how to make a traditional bow and arrow using literally only rocks and sticks. 


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Mar 212016
How To Make Perfectly Clear Ice For The Best Cocktail

As everyone knows, a party is only as good as its supply of ice. Great parties have come to a crashing end because of the ice ran out. Want to take your ice game to the next level? Cocktail Chemistry explains how to make crystal clear that’ll elevate any drink. 


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