Jun 062012

The obsession with Carly Rae Jespen’s hit single, Call Me Maybe, seems to only become more and more popular.  

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are the latest to go viral making a fun dance video to the pop song that is already featured on NFL, Reddit, HuffingtonPost, and SportsGrid


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Nov 282011

Women’s tennis is usually all business, but Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and Slovak born Dominika Cibulkova decided to finally have some real fun. The two world famous tennis players broke out into dance during a break, and the crowd just loved it. The video already has more than a million hits, and has received the bronze YouTube award for trending video.  


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Feb 102011

Now guys understand why girls are so obsessed with Justin Bieber. This is what girls see of Justin Bieber translated into men’s eyes. If Justin Bieber’s new movie, Never Say Never, was just a bunch of hot girls ‘lez-ing out’, guys would be lining up around the corner to watch the movie. And in 3D!?!?! 

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Sep 102010

2Ne1 is a bunch of hot South Korean Girl rapping in Korean with a sprinkle of English. They act all gangsta and ghetto with the hoodies and everything. I think I’ve seen everything now.

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Aug 032010

Everything about this is retarded. They are doing a great job marketing to their clientele. I never heard of this vain bitch before, but Teresa Giudice is going viral in her new tan salon commercial. They even have organic sprays. She tans…. she sprays…. and bring the heat to Jersey. Doesn’t New Jersey have enough bad press with the Jersey Shore and other bitches like this one?

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