Jan 212015
Teenagers Play Horror Game Affected: The Manor On The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

There hasn’t been much news about The Oculus Rift ever since Facebook bought the brand new virtual reality company last summer. But it’s only a matter of time before virtual reality gaming becomes the norm. There are already some games out for the Rift.

The Fine Brothers got their hands on an Oculus and had a bunch of teenagers try out the virtual reality headset by playing the horror video games Affected: The Manor. Creepy! 


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Dec 012014
Pretend Zombie Battle Birthday Surprise

Sam Ross is absolutely obsessed with old zombie thrillers. So for any epic birthday surprise, his girlfriend planned a giant zombie battle inside their house. He and his buddy were armed with Nerf toy guns and had to make their way through the dark apartment that was littered with hungry zombies. Good luck!


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Nov 232014
Black Friday Horror Movie Trailer

Every year, Black Friday is somehow hyped up to be a bigger event than the last. The deals are better, the stores open earlier, and countless shoppers skip their Thanksgiving dinner to line up to be the first to get the best deals. Now that smartphones are so prolific, countless mob scenes and fights are posted online each year. Many people wonder if this is really what the holidays are about…

That inspired Nacho Punch to produce this hilarious trailer for a Black Friday horror movie. All sales are final. 


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Oct 282014
Honest Trailer Of ‘Saw’

The 2004 horror film Saw was an unexpected movie sensation. The independent film only had a budget just over one million dollars, but took in over $100 million at the box office. Five sequels followed the film until horror movie junkies finally got sick of the premise. In honor of Halloween, Screen Junkies finally made this hilarious honest trailer for the creepy film. 


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Oct 272014
Michael Jackson’s Thriller Sung In 20 Different Style Halloween Styles

Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs is a cover artist master, recreating popular songs in countless different styles and genres. In honor of Halloween, Vincent covered Michael Jackson’s spookiest hit single Thriller in 20 different Halloween/heavy metal styles, such as Ozzy, Marilyn Manson, and more! Happy Halloween!


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