Oct 302014
How To Make A Hit Halloween Pop Song

British comedian and musician Brett Domino went viral back in the summer with his hilarious explanation how to make an instant pop song with no real talent. That video has over 2 million views! In honor of Halloween, Brett has returned to demonstrate how easy it is to make a Halloween-themed pop song. Terrifyingly simple. 


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Oct 302014
Family Adorably Spoofs ‘Gin And Juice’ As ‘Kin And Moose’ For Halloween

Like so many families across America, The Holderness Family is getting ready for an exciting family evening of trick-or-treating. But former local news anchor dad likes to do things big, so he, mom, and the kids created this adorable Halloween-themed parody music video spoofing the classic hip-hop song Gin and Juice. As he was dressed as a moose hanging out with his kin, dad naturally titled his song Kin And Moose


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Oct 132014
John Oliver Asks Why Columbus Day Is Still A Thing

Most people have no idea it’s Columbus Day when they wake up in the morning. Instead, they realize it’s a legal holiday when they try to go to the post office only to see that it’s closed. So if no one really cares about Columbus Day why is it still even a thing asks John Oliver.

We’ll let you decide. 


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Jul 062014
Man Catches Older Women Stealing His Stuff At The Beach

Flicky Rich was at the beach in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on July 4th when his holiday weekend was interrupted by two rude women. He came back to his things he left on the beach to discover two women literally taking his stuff. Thankfully, he busted the two in a calm, cool manner!


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