Feb 142015
Instant Date Dance With A Stranger Prank

Magician and prankster Stuart Edge wanted to do something special this Valentine’s Day. So he and his crew put together an instant date dance on the sidewalk. When a passerby pressed the big red button they put out, the crew would swarm, and instantly turn the boring sidewalk into a beautiful dance floor underneath the stars. Is there anything more romantic? 


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Feb 122015
Simon’s Cat Tries To Woo His Valentine With Butterflies

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people anymore. Simon’s Cat wanted to impress his girlfriend too. So he pushed a present to her window and surprised her with a bunch of fluttering butterflies. How romantic! Except his girlfriend decided to eat one of them… 


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Feb 102015
Chocolatier Reviews Cheap Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Besides for Halloween, Valentine’s Day is the biggest chocolate holiday. Who doesn’t love receiving chocolate candies to be reminded how much they are loved. BuzzFeed invited chocolatier Johnathan Grahm to review some common, cheap Valentine’s Day chocolates to see how they stand compared to the best. 


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Feb 092015
Tiny Hamster Has An Adorable Tiny Valentine’s Day Date

Humans aren’t the only ones celebrating their love this Valentine’s Day. Hello Denizen loves their cute hamster, so they set up an adorable little date for him and his girlfriend. The two little furballs have a tiny date, at a tiny Italian restaurant, and enjoy the tiniest, cutest spaghetti and meatballs dinner. Does it get any cuter? 


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Feb 092015
Twenty Love Songs In Twenty Different Styles

The love holiday everyone loves to hate is just around the corner. Single people especially hate Valentine’s Day. To make this year’s Valentine’s Day more bearable, Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs performs 20 famous love songs in 20 unexpected styles


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