Dec 072014
Canada’s Worst Driver Takes Four Minutes To Get Out Of Small Parking Lot

The search is over! The worst driver in Canada has been found, and she’s even been caught on video. Viewers can’t help but cringe at this excruciating video of a Calgary driver taking over four minutes to get out of a small parking lot. After dinging a parked car and driving away, the police are now looking for her. 

“We are very interested in following up on this video. We ask that the person who captured it, along with any other owners/witnesses please contact 403-266-1234,” the Calgary Police posted on YouTube. 

The clip was posted by Kidzidzi before the weekend, and now has gone viral with over 650,000 hits! It has also been featured on TheBlaze.


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Apr 062012

The  has released this CCTV video of a hit and run on a overpass. A biker in the appropriate right lane was obviously slower than motor vehicle traffic, causing cars to go around him. 

No big deal until one psycho actually accelerates into the biker, knocking him down. Worse, the driver tries to quickly escape. Luckily, the bus driver not far ahead saw the whole scene and blocked the escaping perpetrator for police to pick up.


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