Feb 112016
Straight Outta Hogwarts Music Video

The Internet has always had a soft spot for Harry Potter. That obviously includes music video parodies. The Frost Bros published this perfect spoof of the hip hop classic Straight Outta Compton last summer that has only gone viral now with over 150,000 new views! The NWA would be proud. 


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Nov 112015
Guy Who Bought A Lemon Jeep Makes A Pop Song About Getting Ripped Off

Besides for a house, a car is the most expensive thing the average person will buy in their life time. After plopping down over $20,000 you expect your car to last for many years. But sadly, that was not the case for Teg Sethi. He bought a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but while it still had that new car smell the SUV just died. After getting it ‘fixed’ at the dealership over and over, the issues were never resolved. So to get his revenge for being stuck with a lemon, he made this pop song about his broken SUV and is even planning on destroying it to prove a point. 


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Nov 052015
Jason Derulo Carpools With James Corden

Even though gas is the cheapest it’s been in years, we all still want to save gas and money whenever we can. Carpooling is a great way to save gas, ease city congestion, and help the environment. If everyone had the opportunity to carpool with famous celebrities like James Corden, traffic would end almost instantly. In this latest clip in which James carpools with a hot celeb, he goes driving around LA with hip-hop star Jason Derulo.


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Oct 272015
Trapped Commuters Turn Long Train Wait Into Dance Party

Probably the only thing worse than taking a long trip on the train to work is getting stuck on said train. That’s exactly what happened to a group of unlucky commuters traveling in the morning from Queens to Manhattan. Gregwong captured snippets of the stressful two hour wait on his iPhone, but once they were finally rescued, the commuters made lemonade out of their big basket of lemons and started a hip hop dance party.


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Sep 102015
Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Perform History Of Rap 6

Jimmy Fallon has a lot of gags and repeating segments on The Tonight Show. Some are more popular than others. But there are a select few that always make the Internet explode when he finally brings it back. His History of Rap series with pop superstar Justin Timberlake is one example. Finally, after too long of a hiatus, Jimmy and Justin have returned with their sixth episode of the hip hop series. Epic.


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