Mar 132013

In so many movies and real life situations, when a football team wins the big game, the players will often dump the water cooler full of Gatorade or what have you on the coach as a form of celebration. 

But that custom doesn’t really apply to basketball games, as Abby Thurin witnessed at the recent NJCAA district F national qualifying basketball game.

She caught on camera exactly why dumping the water cooler on the coach at basketball games just doesn’t translate. 

After winning the big game, the girls of North Platte Community College dumped the cooler on their coach. But the floors were so waxed, the coach instantly slipped and fell. Hard! OUCH!

Then a second person fell. Also, with a terribly loud and painful sounding thud

Now, the new video of the Celebration Gone Wrong has accumulated over 1.4 million hits already


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Mar 132013

HBO’s popular new show Game Of Thrones continues to trend online. While waiting for new episode, fans are enjoying this new School Of Thrones parody, which re-imagines the fictional world of Westeros as a high school.

The first episode of the spoof series has already accumulated over 600,000 views, and is featured on Time, DallasNews, and TheStir


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Mar 042013

New Rochelle student Khalil Edney is the latest basketball player to go viral online for scoring an amazing half court buzzer beater.

To make the situation even more nerve-racking, the ball was stolen by Mt. Vernon with just seconds left in the game. Amazingly, Khalil just stole the ball back with enough time to launch it across the court. And it went in!

Now, this brand new video has already accumulated over 1.4 million views, and is featured on SportsGrid, WashingtonPost, YahooSports, and HuffPost.


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Feb 272013

Joon Lee posted this video clip from a high school quiz show that has gone viral since debuting online last week. Now, the video stands with over 165,000 hits.

Like so many other game shows, The High School Quiz Show separates segments with ice breaker questions for the contestants. 

Host Billy Costa asked each player of the Brookline High School quiz show team what their favorite movie is and why. First, Benjamin chose Con Air with Nicholas Cage, then Jonathon chose Face Off, again with Cage. Vikram and Ben also picked Nick Cage movies. 

Billy Costa seemed to have picked up on the team’s gag, and closed with, “Beautifully done. Very eloquent. And so profound.”


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Feb 252013

Peter Morales is the basketball coach of the Coronado High School Thunderbirds in El Paso, Texas. Of all his kids, his favorite has to be team manager Mitchel, who has a developmental disability.

So on the last game of the season, Peter was determined to get Mitch into the game. Incredibly, it was a student from the opposing team who helped make the dream come true.

Read more on CBSNews and NYDailyNews

The report has viewers grabbing for the tissues to say the least. As BloodyReam says, “Who left all these onions around here? Sheesh…”


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