Aug 262016
Every High School Ever

There’s only a week left in August. Fall is almost here. And that means back to school. Countless students will be starting and returning to high school, one of the most trying periods in a person’s life. 

Smosh pokes fun at those four years we all go through with this sketch, Every High School Ever. 


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Jun 132016
This High School Student Is The Super Hero We Need

Just when you thought your classmate was just another high school student you discover he’s actually a superhero! Well, kind of. This hilarious clip has gone viral over the weekend with over one million hits!


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Jun 122016
Koreans Take SAT Math Section

We often hear in the media that America students are constantly scoring lower than their counterparts in more and more countries. Especially eastern countries like Japan and South Korea. So the South Korean channel Solfa decided to give some Korean students the math section of the SAT’s to see what they think of the big test American high school students most dread.


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May 252016
High Schooler’s Water Bottle Toss Is Perfection

Every high school kid is used to seeing a couple impressive performances at the school talent show and a bunch of terrible ones. This kid’s ‘talent’ is simple yet epic. All he did was toss a water bottle, but it was enough to get the entire school on their feet. 


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Mar 092016
Minnesota State High School Hockey Team Has Awesome Hair Again

Last year, the the Minnesota State High School hockey team went viral with their hilarious sports review video that covered the players’ hair instead of their athleticism. That video has over 2 million views!

After that successful viral video, they have returned to again cover the hair styles of the team in this new viral video. 


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