Mar 252015
If The Internet Was a High School

Just a decade ago, the Internet was still going through a growing phase. But now it seems the Web has finally graduated to high school. Speaking of which, what would the Internet look like if it was a high school? Cracked perfectly demonstrates what our favorite websites would look like if they all went to high school together in this hilarious new viral sketch. Naturally, Google is the class teacher, Facebook is the most popular jock who is dating the cheerleader Buzzfeed, and MySpace is nowhere to be found. 


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Mar 092015
Minnesota State High School Hockey Team Players Have Epic Hair

In this video, Pull Tab Productions 2015 reviews the Minnesota State High School hockey team. But his review isn’t what you’d expect from a sports review. Instead of covering the team’s offense and defense, he covers all of the players’s hair. That’s right, he goes over each player’s glorious, silky smooth hair. 

This ridiculous video has gone viral with over 1.1 million views!


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Jan 282015
Teachers And Students Dance To Uptown Funk

This isn’t the first time a school has gone viral with a one-take music video, but rarely do the teachers get involved. That’s what makes this new video by A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas so awesome. Theatre Arts teacher Scot Pankey and his students put on an epic performance of the new funky tune Uptown Funk that is guaranteed to make you smile. The video already has amassed over 4 million hits in two days


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Oct 152014
High School Football Team Executes Tricky OnSide Kick

The onside kick is a great way to maintain control of a football game. But it is difficult to execute on purpose. The punt is supposed to give the possession of the ball to the defensive team. But Hebron figured out a great way to pull off the move by clumping all of their players in the center of the field. Only their eleventh player stood on the sidelines, and when the ball was kicked, he was ready to catch it and steal possession from Allen.

This high school football sports video by MaxPreps has gone viral with over one million hits


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Sep 222014
High School Football Player Apollos Hester’s Postgame Speech Will Inspire You

Most post game speeches sound exactly the same. It doesn’t seem to even matter what sport was played, the players will just talk about how much better or worse they played than their opponents. But when Lauren Mickler asked wide receiver for the East View Patriots Apollos Hester for a few words, she received a very special answer. Apollos gave an extremely inspirational life speech that has instantly gone viral. 


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