Jul 162015
If People Said Happy Birthday Like They Do On Facebook

It wasn’t that long ago when people had to actually remember the dates of their friends’ birthdays. But now, thanks to Facebook, that’s just a thing of the past. When it is someone’s birthday, people usually post the a couple different versions of the same happy birthday greeting on their wall. But what if this took place in real life? It might look something like this sketch by the folks at College Humor.


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May 142015
100 Year Old Lady Accidentally Spits Out Dentures When Blowing Out Birthday Candles

When you turn older than 100 you really have to live on the brighter side of life. You can’t get hung up on the silly things. Arnee Dodd‘s aunt Lou Lou incredibly just turned 102 years old! When she went to blow out her birthday cake candles, she accidentally spit out her dentures. Everyone burst out laughing, including Lou Lou. Happy birthday!


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May 112015
Oldest Working Nurse In America Turns 90

Most people imagine a young person when they think of a nurse. But SeeSee Rigney blows that idea out of the water. She just became known as the oldest nurse in America as she just turned 90 years old. Video of the birthday celebration at the Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma, Washington where she works is now going viral. 


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Oct 302014
Kid Rock Surprises Fan With Down Syndrome For Birthday

Dan McGurk is a huge Kid Rock fan with Down Syndrome. As his birthday was around the corner, he made a video explaining how much he loves the country music star and invited him to his 30th birthday party. Much to his surprise, Rock came and sang him Happy Birthday. Just look at that smile! This touching birthday video has gone viral with over a quarter million views already!


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Sep 222014
Jimmy Fallon Celebrates His 40th Birthday

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon just turned 40 years old last week. To celebrate, The Tonight Show unveiled a slew of birthday surprises that had Jimmy smiling ear to ear. Seth Rogen and James Franco burst out of a giant cake, Stevie  Wonder performed Happy Birthday, and much more!


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