Sep 222014
Jimmy Fallon Celebrates His 40th Birthday

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon just turned 40 years old last week. To celebrate, The Tonight Show unveiled a slew of birthday surprises that had Jimmy smiling ear to ear. Seth Rogen and James Franco burst out of a giant cake, Stevie  Wonder performed Happy Birthday, and much more!


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Jul 112014
Man Shaves Beard In Honor Of Grandmother Turning 100

Scott Cleveland‘s grandma hated his beard. So he made her a deal. When she turns 100 years old, he would shave it off as a birthday gift. That was four years ago. Now that granny has just become a centenarian, Scott stepped up and shaved off the beard. This video has gone viral over the past month with over half a million hits!


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Apr 252014
Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ Music Video Is Full Of Pranks

Nearly everything pop princess Katy Perry posts online goes viral, but her latest music video, Birthday, is especially trending. Instead of creating another boring, unoriginal dance-and-lip-sync music video, Katy donned on a slew of different costumes and pranked a bunch of different birthday parties. Katy made five random birthday parties extra special dressed undercover as an animal trainer, a senior citizen lap dancer, a Jewish MC, and more!


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Oct 262013
Two Year Old Chech’s Adorable Birthday Message For Day

Just two weeks ago, adorable toddler Claire went viral wishing her mom a happy birthday. That video has managed to garnered over 1.6 million views!

Now, two year old Chech is trending with her precious birthday message for her dad who just turned 29 after a family friend posted her video on Reddit


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Oct 112013
Toddler’s Adorable Birthday Message For Mommy

Two weeks ago, Daniel posted this cute video, and now it stands with over 550,000 views

His adorable toddler daughter Claire wish his wife a happy birthday, and explain why she loves mom ‘sooo’ much with a precious list of reasons. 

The web simply can’t resist the adorableness. 

“You’re the best mommy ever!”


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