Sep 052014
Giant Spider Dog Prank Is Hilarious

Halloween is just around the corner. To get in the creepy mood, SA Wardega made this hilarious prank that has instantly gone viral with over 9 million views! After dressing a dog in a chilling spider costume, they set the dog out to terrifying people late at night. Their reactions are priceless! This prank is too good!


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Jan 022014
Italian Greyhound Is Adorably Terrified By Creepy Halloween Story

YouTuber Traveler2112 posted this silly pet video in 2009, but the clip is trending again now. 

As Halloween was then around the corner, the Traveler decided to read his adorable Italian Greyhound Emma a scary story. 

Emma’s scared reaction is priceless. 


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Nov 072013
Boy In Tiger Costume Plays With Tiger Cub At The Zoo

Kids will be kids, no matter the species. 

While visiting the Point Defiance Zoo with his parents on Halloween, two year old Marshall Shaffer met Kali the tiger cub while he was wearing his own adorable tiger costume.

The two ‘tigers’ immediately bonded between the thick glass panel, and started playing a game of tag. 

This video is greeeeeaatt, and is going viral after being featured by DailyPicksAndFlicks


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Nov 062013
Cousin Sal Tricks Trick-Or-Treaters 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Live is well known online for his evil and very viral “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” prank tradition, but he has other Halloween antics that aren’t as well known. 

This year, he outfitted his cousin Sal’s porch with hidden cameras on Halloween night, and armed him with a slew of tricks to play on the candy hungry kids. 

“Tricks are an important part of any balanced Halloween night,” Jimmy explains.

Instead of showering the kids with treats, Sal instead offered the trick or treaters his freshly washed underwear, a Michelle Obama approved salad bar, and more!


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Nov 052013
Jimmy Kimmel “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” Prank 2013

It has become an online Halloween tradition. 

Two years ago, Jimmy Kimmel asked his audience to tell their kids they ate their hard earned Halloween candy, and record the tears and cries

He did it again in 2012, and now he’s back this post-Halloween with more submissions of children howling and weeping over the the news that their parents apparently ate their sugary treats.

As expected, the 2013 video has instantly gone viral as the web clearly enjoys watching children cry in emotional pain. 


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