Apr 272014
Bailey McConnell Performs His Own Song On Britain’s Got Talent

Fourteen year old Bailey McConnell impressed the audience and judges on Britain’s Got Talent performing his own song on guitar. The teen focused the hardships in his life into his music, and it really paid off in the end. After his performance, the audience and judges were on their feet applauding.  


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Mar 242014
Japanese Girl Shreds Heavy Metal Guitar Cover

Don’t let her appearance fool you. Japanese girl Lisa-X may only be eight years old, but she is still a heavy metal rocker. 

Here, she covers the heavy metal song Scarified by Racer X on guitar, and shreds it to pieces!

Though she posted the cover video last December, the clip is trending again now.


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Mar 202014
YouTuber Surprises Busker

A month ago, British YouTube musician Rob Chapman stumbled upon an amazing slide guitarist on the streets of Brighton and took out his camera.

He felt bad that he couldn’t find Nelly Niel again because he made a couple of bucks on the video after posting the performance on YouTube.

But he just recently found Nelly again. Not only did he give him the YouTube cash, but he also helped him set up an online presence

This video telling the story has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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